Friday, May 21, 2010

LOST: My predictions.

In a few days, it'll all be over. We'll have answers. Perhaps not all of them, but some of them. We'll know the fates of the characters we've cared about for several seasons.

I'm excited and sad for the arrival of "The End." Excited because of course it's always fun to finally learn how the story ends. Sad because part of me doesn't want it to end. (Part of me does, as it would surely jump the shark if they let this show just run on forever, and also because it would be nice to not be up until 3 AM writing recaps one night a week.) Some of these characters have felt like family after all this time watching them. Kate's one of the few female characters I've ever been able to relate to in any TV show. I've grown to love Hurley. Ben (benfactor, hehe!)never fails to astound me somehow. I've learned things from these characters. They and their storylines have given me some good lessons in how to craft my own characters and storylines in the two books I'm currently writing. What the hell am I gonna do without getting to watch these characters every week, seeing how they change and grow within a rather chaotic storyline (or, um, two storylines)?

Lost is constantly on my mind, and I analyze the hell out of it, but I'm still not entirely sure how it's going to end. The pieces are all there, scrambled in my head, but I haven't put them together yet. What I think I care about more than *how it all ends* is what happens to each individual character...and so I'm offering my predictions for the fates of all characters currently alive on the Island here. (I'll freely admit I don't have much of a clue about the Sideways world, so I'm not going to propose any predictions about that.) the candidate now, but I strongly suspect he won't be by the end of the show. Jack's been the obvious choice as long as we've known there needed to be a candidate. But I think this is too obvious of a choice. When has Lost ever done anything so simple and predictable? Pretty much never. My prediction: On-Island, he's gonna die. Not sure how or by whose hand, but my spidey sense tells me Jack's not making it out of this show alive...but I think he'll manage to do something heroic on his way out.

HURLEY...all season long, Hurley's been given more leadership than in previous seasons. I don't think this is an accident. Hurley is also the only one of the remaining 4 candidates (ie Jack/Kate/Sawyer) who doesn't have a child. And in "What They Died For," they may as well have hung a giant, neon "FORESHADOWING!!!" sign above his head when he said something along the lines of "I'm glad you got it--I didn't want it" to Jack. Famous last words, Hugo. My prediction: Something's going to happen to make Hurley choose to take over Jacob's role.

KATE...for some reason, I see her chained to the Island. I don't feel like she has any reason to get off the Island. What is there for her back home? A child that isn't hers, being raised by someone who truly is related to him. And...not much else. Kate is a very loyal character, and I feel like if something needs to be done on the Island, she'll stay to help make sure it gets done. Especially if Jack or Sawyer is involved. But I also can't see her dying on-Island, either. My prediction: I see her being a mother...but to the Island.

SAWYER...well, I hate to say this, but I can't see him staying alive too long in the Island timeline. Last season we saw him as a hero type, and not only has he continued to try to be heroic this season, he also carries the weight of Sun's, Jin's, and Sayid's deaths on his shoulders--and Juliet's, too. He feels responsible for their fates, and he's going to do something heroic to redeem himself. My prediction: Something not too far off from the jumping-out-of-the-helicopter-to-save-everyone in season 4...but (son of a BITCH!) with less, um, living results.

MILES...I'm not sure why he's still kickin' around, but he is. And so I suspect he's there for a reason. I just don't know it yet. I'm torn between thinking that he's not quite important enough to live, or that because he's not all that important, there's no real reason to kill him off (because the most impactful deaths come from MAJOR characters). My prediction: Something important/significant will happen with him and the Whispers. an old soul, and probably a very tired soul. I don't believe for a second that he's dead. I also don't believe he'll live for too much longer, though. Richard has been seeking redemption himself. He wants to be with Isabella, his dead wife. My prediction: His years of loyalty will get him the redemption he's been looking for. And although I think he'll die, I think this will be a happy ending for him. Perhaps one of the only happy endings for on-Island characters. I think he's earned it, though.

LAPIDUS...yeah, I don't buy the idea that he's dead, either. My prediction: He's going to pop out and do something important at some crucial moment. There's still a plane on the Island, and he's a pilot. This cannot be an accident. My really wild prediction: He'll pilot a plane that gets CLAIRE off the Island.

BEN...I've been saying all along he's the Severus Snape of this bunch. They built him up to make him look "bad" for a while. Then they showed us he can be good. And bad. And good. And bad. Which Ben's the real Ben? I think he's got some good and some bad in him. I think a lot of his "badness" was rooted in good intentions--and in being manipulated by Island entities Jacob and Smokey. But I think the good's gonna win out. I think he's gonna be a hero, albeit a tragic one--I think he's pulling a long con on Smokey, and I think he's gonna succeed. My prediction: Ben's not gonna make it off the Island alive, but the Island's gonna be better off because of whatever he does. I also don't think Ben's gonna get the Island like FLocke promised him, but I think that after all this time trying to act as a leader, Ben will finally get that leader role right in the finale.

VINCENT...I'd heard a while back (at least a year or two ago) that the only character Darlton would absolutely confirm as surviving would be Vincent. I don't think he's gonna be the only survivor, but I do think he'll keep Hurley good company during his strange, lonely tenure of protecting the Island. ;)

ROSE and BERNARD: No clue at all, prediction-wise. But I hope that whatever fate they have, they are together. They're yin and yang, peace personified.

DESMOND...may be the constant, but I feel like he's also a hell of a variable. He could destroy the Island...and I think he could also save it. Which will he do? Because Widmore so often referred to Desmond as needing to make a sacrifice, I'm gonna say I don't see him making it off-Island alive. And I think hes already well aware of that bad is at peace with it.

Also, let's not forget THE CHILDREN (not currently on-Island, but not dead at this point, either): Don't forget about those damn kids for a minute. Aaron was one of the Oceanic 6. He's gotta be special. It would not surprise me if the kids (Aaron, Ji Yeon, Clementine, David, Charlie...) were the next generation of candidates. Think of how many weird family ties there have been on and to this Island (Faraday, Charlotte, and Miles each had parents who spent time on the Island; Desmond's father-in-law was connected to the Island; Jack has a dead father who has been sighted on the Island; Locke's father also appeared on the Island). That has to be gut tells me so!

What are your predictions? And what will you miss most about this show? Chat at me in the Comments section!

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