Wednesday, April 21, 2010 815 (or fewer) words: "The Last Recruit"

I have a feeling this week's post is going to be much shorter than, say, last week's epic Lost post.

See, I get it that important stuff happened in this episode. When the episode ended, I thought, Yes! Lots happened! Explosions! Confrontations! Machine guns! So much to talk about!

So then I thought to myself, OK, so then what exactly happened?

And you know what? I can't really say. I realize this episode was completely necessary--it did a great job of bringing more of the characters together in the Sideways world, and it did a good job of drawing up sides on the Island. But did it really do anything besides that? No, I don't think so.

Maybe I'm slightly cynical because I seek out the spoilers (don't worry, I'm keeping my mouth shut--I'd never spoil it for you guys!) and I have some pretty solid ideas about what we'll be seeing in the near future, much of which is more exciting than what we saw in "The Last Recruit." To me, this episode was nothing but the convergence of two forks in the road, leading two paths to become one on the way to one destination. But I still feel rather clueless about what that destination is, exactly.

Let's talk about a few of the interesting things that stood out in this episode. We got FLocke telling Jack that yes, that was indeed him masquerading as Christian when 815 first crashed on the Island. FLocke said he did this so he could help lead Jack to water for everyone. Do you believe any of this? I sure as hell don't.

First of all, Lost is full of unreliable narrators. It's a show of liars--and even when people aren't lying, sometimes their perceptions make them see, and then speak, untruths. What proof is there of this smoky entity actually being Christian? Keep in mind that this nemesis appears to be trapped on the Island. If that's the case, how'd he get off-Island to appear to certain characters? (He appeared to Michael on the freighter, and he appeared to Jack in the hospital sometime in season 4 or 5.) Also, let's consider it from a writer's perspective. You, the writer, have dragged out this "what is Christian?" mystery for six seasons now. Are you really going to just throw the answer at your audience like that, with FLocke just nonchalantly being like, "Yep, that was me, I was Christian!" I don't think so. I'm not buying this. And if I'm wrong and FLocke was actually speaking the truth, I'm going to be really disappointed.

On the Christian topic, I'm still wondering where his body is. We know where John Locke's body is. But we don't know where Christian's body is...

Moving on. When Sun was being wheeled into the hospital, she started freaking out when she saw Locke. Why would she do that? Theories, anyone? I wasn't aware she'd seen him off-Island before--am I missing something? (Also, re: Locke at the hospital: I found it interesting that one of the doctors said that the wheelchair--that very thing that embarrassed Locke so much--most likely saved his life.)

I loved the scene with Kate and Sawyer in the police station. LOVED IT. "It's like someone keeps trying to put us together," Sawyer said to Kate. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: those two need to be together. They're two halves of the same whole. They're the only ones who truly understand one another. They're too alike to be apart. That being said, I don't believe they're gonna end up together. I don't think these Lost writers necessarily believe in happy endings. ;)

You guys know I'm always rather lustful about Sawyer, but I've gotta say that Sideways Desmond looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous tonight. Tasteful outfit? Check. Great hair? Check. Hot accent? Check. Goddamn. And I thought Desmond's on-island scene with Sayid was absolutely brilliant. Is anyone else getting a Jacob-like vibe off Desmond these days? In the Sideways world, Desmond's running around trying to make contact with the 815ers, some of whom are the exact people Jacob went out of his way to touch. On-Island, Desmond was engaged in a conversation with sayid that was very Jacob-esque. Much like the conversation Jacob had with Ben right before Ben killed him, Desmond seemed to be telling Sayid, You have a choice. I'm not going to make it for you, and I'm not going to directly talk you into or out of anything, but I'm going to make sure you're aware that you have a choice. This ties in nicely to Jacob and Smokey's main conflict: Smokey believes that everyone is corrupt, and Jacob believes that humankind has the ability to be good and can choose to follow the path of the light instead of turning to the dark side.

And on the topic of Sayid, I think Hurley's Anakin Skywalker lines are pretty significant. Perhaps there is a chance for Sayid to turn away from the dark side. Perhaps Desmond's words had the desired effect on Sayid. I'm betting Sayid didn't kill Desmond. I wonder if FLocke believed Sayid's lies...

The scenes between Jack and Sawyer were intense, as was the scene between Kate and Claire. I think they're all going to regret those conversations for various reasons. Kate doesn't know yet that she really should be pushing the crazy one overboard, and if Sawyer did push Jack right back over to FLocke's side (is Jack himself FLocke's "last recruit"?), he may live to regret that for more reasons than just Kate being annoyed at him.

I hate admitting this, but I'm liking Jack a lot more as the season goes on. All of a sudden, he's a man of faith--literally (he took a leap of faith back into the ocean, headed back to the Island). Although FLocke condemns John Locke for ever having believed that he had a purpose on the Island, Jack now seems to be convinced that they do indeed have a purpose there. "It doesn't feel right, leaving the island... I remember how I felt last time I left. Like a part of me was missing. ...If that thing wants us to leave--maybe it's afraid of what happens if we stay." I found all this rather interesting. Jack's now adopted the Man of Faith viewpoint and is going back to hang out with the guy who looks just like Lost's original Man of Faith...but isn't. So the question is--is Jack on FLocke's side (as Claire said, "You decided the moment you let him talk to you. Whether you like it or not, you're with him now"), or is Jack against FLocke, wanting to do exactly the opposite of what FLocke wants them to do because he doesn't trust FLocke's intentions?

I hate to say it, but Sun and Jin's reunion? Totally crappy. And I'm not just saying that because the annoying Tina Fey lookalike pretty much crashed it. I really think they did not do that scene well. It could have been a really poignant moment...and it wasn't. It was flat. It was not what I think any of us were looking forward to after seeing Sun and Jin search for each other for so long. Ooh, Sun got her English back! Big flippin' deal! Cheesy and boring. Color me entirely unimpressed by that scene.

We don't get a new Lost next week *sniffle*, but I have a feeling the Lost we'll get in two weeks is going to be a doozy. We've got explosions happening all around FLocke and Jack, and we've got Widmore's goons pointing big, scary guns at all our favorite Losties--Hurley, Sun, Jin, Kate, Sawyer, Lapidus, and Crazy Baby Lady with the Whacked-Out Hair. (By the way, can Crazy Claire even go any further toward Widmore's goons with those pylons there...?) We've got danger! We've got suspense! And...hopefully in two weeks we'll have an episode that is slightly better than this one! ;)

What did you guys think of "The Last Recruit"? Shout it out in the Comments section!


April said...

Ah, I cried when Sun and Jin reunited. It surely could have been better but it was still emotional. As they were hugging, I just let the reality of how long it's been since they were last together and of everything that has happened since and imagined me in that role, seeing the love of my life again after I watched the boat he was on explode leaving me to believe I'd never see him again and I cried. I'm tearing up now!

I am trying to not let my expectations rise too much because I keep seeing so many fans end up disappointed and bitter at the show because they were expecting more. I just want to enjoy what little bit of the ride we have left.

This episode was certainly crucial and I think it left off right where it should with the break coming up and then the final episodes of the series following. They couldn't give us too much with the break week coming but they set us up brilliantly for the rest of the story.

Just what is the deal with Jack? I am nervous here that he is now on Flocke's team. I really hope not because I have (like you) found myself liking him a bit more just within the last few episodes and would really hate to have to hate him again because he ended up on the wrong team.

I felt a little hopeful for Sayid last night. It's not entirely clear if he went on to shoot Desmond after their chat but he hesitated and that gives me hope. Maybe the good man I've been clinging desperately to believing is inside of him is seeping through again. I'd love to see him play Flocke right to the bitter end when he's all "hahah sucker! I kill you now!".

I'm thinking I'm a tad overcaffeinated. Anyway, loved this episode, sad that it won't be on next week and mega-ultra-excited for the final shows.


Awww! I wish I'd have cried at that! But...I dunno. It just didn't affect me much at all. Except to make me cranky about how I wish they'd done it differently. ;)

I agree--I think this episode was exactly what's needed as we're coming up on a couple episodes that are sure to be packed with "WTF?" moments. Good setup episode for sure.

I don't THINK he's really on FLocke's team...but we can't be sure.

Overcaffeinatedness = awesome. :)

Sarah said...

hey all! i really liked last nights episode, kind of felt to me like the beginning of an epic war and I like the build up.:)
That being said- the Sun/Jin reunion WAS a total let down. I agree! After such a long time apart I kind of think we were due something a little better than a weak ol' hug.
I hope you are right, and the Anaykin reference does mean redemption is in the cards for Sayid. Especially because I don't think the same will be true for Claire. And while we are on the subject of Claire, what is with her hair? I get the whole"she is totally nuts and doesnt care about her hair" thing, but I think the point has been made. Can she get a brush please? :)
I do not believe Sayid killed Desmond, both because he didn't seem prepared to shoot him after their little chat(which I agree there was a Jacob-y vibe coming from Desmond during); and because I dont think the writers would bring his character back to the island just to have him killed off screen. Hopefully. Please?
Totally off subject, but Sawyer and Kate arent floating my boat. I just dont think any relationship between them would last. I do agree they are two halves of the same whole, but that's the exact reason I dont think they would ever work out. They both need a yin to their yang. I loved Sawyer with Juliette, and I havent given up hope for them SOMEHOW still ending up together.

Now I know these last two theories dont relate specifically to this weeks episode but I didnt come up with them until now:)
1. while watching the recap of last weeks episode I noticed that when FLocke was naming off people he needed in order to leave the island he left off Jin, only saying Sun's name. YOu think this may mean the KWON on the wall/wheel is Sun?
2.Since Desmond's sideways life is now dominated by getting the 815ers to make connections with their on-island lives is it conceivable that he hit Locke with his car so that his path would cross with spinal surgeon Jack?
And speaking of conceivable (or "inconceivable" really) this plan that FLocke has of starting a war with the Widmore people by killing someone and then acting like he didnt so the others look like the ones starting the war is very Princess Bride like, dont you think? I keep waiting for the six fingered man to make an appearance. :)


Y'know, I seriously think Kate and Sawyer have more intensity between them in any normal scene than Sun and Jin had in a scene that was supposed to be so important and emotional. I think they deserved a much better reunion. Sigh.

I agree--Claire's hair drives me crazy! If she could fashion a makeshift baby out of total junk, you mean to tell me she couldn't figure out how to create some sort of hair maintenance implement?

I agree with you on the Sayid/Desmond stuff. Plus: Lost would never have a character die and NOT show it!

I dunno...the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced Adam and Eve are Sun and Jin.

I think that is exactly what Desmond did. He's a smart cookie (and a hot cookie, too!).

It's been a while since I saw The Princess Bride, so I'm just gonna have to smile and nod on that last comment. :)

Dave said...

I liked last nights episode...more drama and suspense than you could shake Mr. Eko's Jesus stick at. It definitely feels like the entire Island, and all it's remaining inhabitants are sitting on a pile of Black Rock brand dynamite that is just waiting for a spark.
I definitely think MIB is full of it regarding his assertion, that he is indeed Christian. Your point gives strength the argument. Christian appeared to Michael on the freighter before it blew up. The freight was off the island....offshore to be exact.
The Jin and Sun get together could have been done better, I agree. I would have rather seen them babbling at each other in Korean instead of Jin's semi-robotic English pronunciation of we will never be apart again. Then again...they were sort of at gunpoint the whole time. Guess that does carry some weight hahaha.
I am already in withdrawal for's annoying we don't get an episode next week...


Mr. Eko's Jesus stick...LOL!!!

I think it would have been convincing/natural if they'd babbled at each other in Korean. I'd have felt more satisfied with that than with this forced scene.

Yeah, I wish we could have a new Lost every week, too! :)

michael said...

Sideways Desmond may look hot to you, but to me he was a total creeper in this episode. He's lucky he was creeping on Claire, the sweet one, instead of Kate, the ass-kicking one.

I think a lot of people could qualify as the "last" recruit here. Yeah, Jack is the obvious one. But I really don't think he's going to side with Locke that easily. Jack seems to have a pretty good idea of what's up. Some people to consider - Claire, who was the last one to rejoin the merry band of Losties. And more significantly in my mind, Sayid, who Desmond very likely recruited back to the Light. Ani all the way.

I, too, think FLocke was totally BSing us about Christian, though I was really confused when he knew about the circumstances. But if that's all he knew, then so much the better for our theories. The fact that Christian was on the freighter is great evidence though - the freighter was very specifically outside of the Island's sphere of Wackiness.

And I miss Eko. Hey, he was on the tail section. Maybe he'll be back still! He was the first person to take on Smokey. He should be in there!

Anyway, I wonder what Whidmore hoped to accomplish by bombing FLocke. Charles knows what/who FLocke is (getting angrier every week about that, by the by). My only guess was that they were trying to take out all of his supporters. HOWEVER, they said two very important things in my mind:
1. "Deal's off" and
2. "Visual of Locke" or somesuch.
Was the deal off because they didn't bring Jack (or Richard?)? Or was it off because they brought Claire? And if they could see FLocke, then they should have been able to see Jack. Why would they try to kill Jack? If Whidmore knows so much, does he already know that Jack won't be the right candidate? Perhaps once again, Desmond is the answer to everything. Probably. The guy's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I just stumbled onto your blog...

I have to say that I think the reason that Sun recognized Locke at the hospital was because she was having a near-death experience, and the memories came flooding back in that case, just like with Charlie and Desmond. I think too that giving Locke a near-death experience may have been part of his motivation for hitting him. Of course, others were able to access the memories without such extreme measures...

Also on the topic of Adam and Eve, I feel convinced that they are Rose and Bernard. They stayed on the island, in the past, as a choice.


@ Michael: Sideways Desmond can be creepy with me ANYTIME. GodDAMN. :)

Ooh, I'd love it if Sayid was the last recruit to the side of the light. I hope your theory holds true!

Maybe Nemesis knows about the circumstances because he was lurking somewhere around the Island and saw what was happening between Jack and Christian and therefore was able to reference those circumstances...

I've heard Eko will not be back as, inexplicably, he doesn't want to go back to Hawaii. Crazy, crazy actor who plays Eko! But yeah, I miss him, too.

I'm really confused/intrigued by the Widmore stuff. Is he not really the good guy we were beginning to think/hope he was? What's his deal/purpose for being there? Who's he after? I thought it was FLocke, but maybe that's not the ONLY one he's after...


@ Anonymous: Welcome! Glad you stumbled upon this blog. :)

A few people have suggested to me that island flashbacks are triggered by trauma/fear as opposed to love (which is what I'd thought triggered them). Your idea about Sun's Island memories being triggered due to a near-death experience fits that theory nicely.

I had thought for a while that Rose and Bernard were Adam & Eve, but have since reconsidered. That answer seems too obvious to be true. Maybe I'm digging for a deeper answer than really exists, though! :)