Wednesday, April 14, 2010 815 (or fewer) words: "Everybody Loves Hugo"

In conjunction with the Hurley-centric episode, I thought it would be a nice idea to start off this recap by talking about why I love Hugo--or, more accurately, why I love Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on Lost. He was cool enough to take a moment to send me a signed picture, even when all the Lost actors are all busy filming the finale. I've written to two Lost actors--Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson--and was really amazed and impressed by how awesome they were about answering their fan mail. I have a lot of experience meeting bands and meeting ballplayers, and virtually no experience dealing with actors, so this is just a guess--but I'd say that you'd be hard pressed to find any other actors who are nicer to their fans than some of these Lost folks. Jorge is particularly accessible on the internet--blogging here and doing a podcast here (I recommend checking out both--they're very entertaining!), and it's cool to get a glimpse into the lives of the people who play some of our favorite Lost characters. Jorge and Michael aren't just good actors--they're also good people!

Anyway, so I sort of have a theme going for what I'm going to talk about in regard to "Everybody Loves Hugo," and it is: THEORIES and MIRRORS. (It's more like Theories and Mirror Images, but that just doesn't have as nice a ring to it, now does it?) And I have a lot of each of these for you, so grab some caffeine and settle in. Oh, and put your thinking caps on, because I want to hear about your theories and what mirror images you saw, too! (Then again, when the hell don't we Losties have our thinking caps on? Aren't we all perpetual overthinkers/overanalyzers--at least when it comes to this show?)

We start off the episode by seeing a little presentation--Hurley's being presented with an award. (I hope you all caught the Nunu cameo during the presentation...Nunu is Jorge's oh-so-cute dog!) MIRROR IMAGE! The person talking in front of the projected images of Hurley was...Dr. Chang! (We're used to seeing him actually on the projected screen--as in, the person doing the talking in the Dharma videos--but hey, close enough.)

Then we see Mrs. Reyes giving Hurley crap about dating. We find out that she's set him up on a blind date with the neighbor's so-and-so (daughter, I think?), Rosalita. At the restaurant, Rosalita never shows, but we see a very familiar face...

It's Libby!

She recognizes Hurley instantly and comes over to his table. For a moment he thinks she's Rosalita--but of course she isn't, and she introduces herself to him and begins her "crazy talk," which isn't in the least bit crazy. MIRROR IMAGE! Libby and Hurley mirror each other. Here are two people who have been labeled "crazy" and spent time in institutions, yet they often seem to have the sanest perceptions and say/see the truest things.

Libby asks Hurley, "Do you believe that two people can be connected? Like soulmates?" And then: "You don't remember me, do you?" As Hurley's saying no, Dr. Brooks comes and apologetically sweeps the "crazy" Libby away, but not before she tells Hurley "Everything I said, Hugo--I meant it." And then Hurley sees her head off in the looney bin van.

Meanwhile, back on the Island...MIRROR IMAGE! We've got Ilana chunks, kind of like the Arzt chunks of Season 1. Ilana went and got herself blown up by dynamite. Everyone's clearly rattled, especially Richard. While being rattled, Hurley went and collected the little pouch that Ilana had been carrying around with her. Aren't Jacob's ashes in that pouch?

Back to the Sideways world... Hurley, depressed about meeting Libby and then having her whisked away, is eating to try to fill the void. (And it's a big void--he's got a hell of a lot of chicken there!) And then Desmond shows up, asking if he knows Hurley (and I'm sure Desmond knows damn well he knows Hurley), asking if Hurley was on Oceanic 815. When Hurley says that he was and that he's eating because he's depressed about the situation with Libby, Desmond says, "Did you believe her when she said she knew you? ...Find out where she thinks she knows you from before you give up on her." And then Desmond's order (number 42!) was called, and off he went. THEORY! Desmond realizes his purpose is to somehow transcend the boundaries of both worlds, being some sort of guide to the 815ers to make them realize exactly what, say, Eloise didn't want Desmond himself to realize: that they have these connections with certain people, that these connections can transcend both worlds.

Then we see Desmond on-Island. Sayid's got him tied to a tree, and FLocke goes to talk to Desmond. Desmond tells him, "I have nowhere to run to, brotha." THEORY! Part of Desmond's purpose is to be trapped on the Island--is that perhaps the sacrifice that Widmore mentioned in last week's episode?

FLocke says to Desmond: "Do you know who I am?" Desmond responds: "Of course. John Locke." THEORIES!:

a. Desmond truly believes that this is Locke (as opposed to FLocke) because he recognizes that there's still some of John Locke left over in there...and perhaps, because of this, Locke's character can eventually achieve redemption.

b. Desmond has no idea that Locke is FLocke--and since it looks like John Locke and it talks like John Locke, why the hell wouldn't it be John Locke?

c. Desmond knows he's talking to FLocke (perhaps Widmore told him on the sub--or perhaps this was some information Desmond gleaned during his little enlightenment session last episode). Desmond may be playing dumb about FLocke for...well, some reason. If this is the correct theory, I don't really have the why down yet.

Back in the Sideways world, Hurley, taking Desmond's advice, goes to the mental institute where Libby is, and tries to convince Dr. Brooks to let him see her. Dr. Brooks objects: "She has issues with reality.," saying it's not a good idea for Hurley to see her. After Hurley makes a sizable donation to the institution (see, winning that lottery was good for something!), Hurley's given the green light. We see a quick cameo by Hurley's old friend Dave playing Connect Four in the rec room area, and then Libby comes in. "You remembered?" she says. When Hurley says no, she says, "Then why are you here?" She tells him it won't make sense if she tells him--he says, "Try me." She says it was" I was hit over the head" when she first saw him, describing it as "my life, only it was another life. There was a plane crash...I was on an island. We knew each other, liked each other...when I got here it was like I'd been here before, and like you were here, too." Hurley says he was never at the institution before...but of course we saw him there (and Libby, too!) in the non-Sideways world of season 1. Hurley tells her she has a lot of guts to tell him all about how she thinks she's from "some bizarro alternate universe," but then he does something gutsy: he asks her out! And she says yes.

Back on-Island:

FLocke to Desmond: "This island has it in for you."
Desmond: "This island has it in for all of us."
And then they see the weird little kid in the woods--the one we saw several episodes ago (I believe during a scene with FLocke and Sawyer). Only now the kid looks a bit older. THEORY! The kid is Jacob...and, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, has somehow managed to regenerate himself, what? Protect, perhaps? As before, FLocke seems freaked out by the kid and wants to get away from him.

Also on-Island: We see the Losties on the side of the light split up. Richard, Ben, and Miles go off to attempt to destroy the Ajira plane so that FLocke can't use it as a way of getting off the Island, since then "everything would end," according to Richard. Hurley believes that they should go talk to Locke (FLocke), and claims that Jacob told him this (this is a lie--we don't see Jacob telling Hurley anything, although we do see Michael encouraging Hurley to be a leader since "now people are listening to [him]). Jack, Sun, and Lapidus follow Hurley.

Then there's a great scene between Jack and Hurley. Hurley reveals that he lied about Jacob telling him what to do, and Jack says he knows. I loved seeing Jack's character growth as he told Hurley that he felt responsible for Juliet's death and upset that he couldn't fix it. He realizes he can't fix everything, realizes that "maybe I'm supposed to let go," and shows that he's put his trust and faith into Hurley. Although it's Jack's natural instinct to lead, now he's willing to follow; he's willing to "let go" of that leadership role for the sake of the greater good, and although it's hard for him to step back and be told what to do, he seems to believe that Hurley knows what they should be doing. (This is the second time this season I've actually liked Jack's character, and I hope it's not the last.)

Then we hear the whispers, and Hurley leaves the group to go check 'em out, saying he thinks he knows what they are. Michael appears and tells him that the whispers are the voices of those who are stuck on the Island--and he says he's stuck on the Island "because of what I did." Ooookay, here's where I start raising questions. And they are:

a. That statement makes it seem like the Island is a kind of purgatory. Haven't the writers repeatedly said that the Island isn't purgatory?

b. ...or is it only a purgatory-like thing for SOME people? Michael murdered two people on the Island--is that why he's stuck there? Would someone like Libby, who never murdered anyone, also be stuck there? (I'm guessing no, because then Michael could have apologized to her himself--right?)

c. Is everyone who ever died on or because of the Island stuck there? And are there other people stuck there who died but not as a result of anything Island-related (for instance: Christian)?

d. Or is it not just a purgatory-like thing for those connected to the island, but for, like, EVERYONE? (Is Michael sharing space with Mussolini and Ted Bundy on the Island? or is it very much Only Island Folks Allowed?)

I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I'm entirely satisfied with the "whispers are the voices of souls stuck on the Island" explanation. I like it as a concept (I have no issue with the whispers being the voices of "the ones who can't move on"), but if we are told we're not going to have purgatory, and then we're given purgatory anyway...well, it makes me feel kind of duped. Because, like, didn't we all have these purgatory theories back in the earlier seasons? You mean to tell me we've had that answer kinda figured out since then and the producers/writers said we weren't right? Argh.

Back in Sidewaysland, we have... MIRROR IMAGE! It's a first date! On a beach! And this time, Hurley's remembered everything, including six different types of cheeses. Libby feels like it's "like a date we never had." And then they kiss...and, much like what happened when Desmond and Charlie made physical contact with one another, a flood of memories comes rushing back to Hurley. He remembers Libby! The love he felt made him remember! And as that scene ends, we see Desmond driving away from the beach, smiling and looking satisfied, as if he has fulfilled part of his goal...

On-Island, we see FLocke and Desmond at a well. (I don't know about you guys, but up until this point, I'd been convinced that the scene would play out like this: FLocke would take Desmond to where the body of John Locke was buried and then be all like, "If I'm John Locke, then who's that?" But alas, it wasn't so...) As FLocke says, "there are a lot of wells here," so I have no idea if this is the Well of the Frozen Donkey Wheel or not. FLocke tells Desmond that the well was dug by hand by "people looking for answers." MIRROR IMAGE! This reminds me of the John Locke we knew in the earlier seasons--a man always on a quest for answers, a man who thirsted for knowledge, a man who had faith.

"They needed to know why," said FLocke, "so they dug." And then he told Desmond "No, they didn't [find what they were looking for]." And then he noted that nobody else in the world seemed to know where Desmond was, asking him "Aren't you afraid?" At this point, I'm thinking, "Oh, crap, FLocke's gonna push him down the damn well." And this time my prediction came true. Flocke smiled a creepy smile, and down the well went Desmond. (From seeing the preview of next week's episode, we know Desmond's still alive. FLocke may not know that, though, as he told Sayid "We don't have to worry about him anymore.")

Then we got a "Son of a BITCH!" from Sawyer. Oh, Sawyer, you wonderfully well-read redneck, it's been too damn long since we heard that phrase!

At the conclusion of tonight's Island scenes, we see Hurley show up at FLocke's camp. Each side stands around eyeing each other up rather curiously. FLocke smiled and greeted Jack with a creepy "Hello, Jack." FLocke looks entirely too happy to see this bunch--probably because he figures now that they're all together, he can get off that damn Island--since, as he said earlier in the episode, they all came there together and they also all needed to leave together. Now that he has them all in one place, he can begin the process of trying to get them off-Island.

And then back in Sidewaysville, we are left with a very surprising twist. We see Desmond chillin' in his car outside a school--the very same school that Ben and Locke happen to teach at. Ben approached the car, totally acting like Desmond is some kind of child molester. Desmond makes small talk with Ben, claiming that he is looking at this school to perhaps send his son, Charlie, there--but all the while he is keeping an eye on Locke, leaving school grounds in his wheelchair. As soon as he's done his conversation with Ben, Desmond rounds a corner and...mows Locke right the hell down! THEORIES:

a. Much (but not exactly--as this deals with different worlds as opposed to different time periods within the same world) like Sayid attempted to do with Ben in the "past" in season 5, Desmond's trying to kill Locke before he can create more mayhem, figuring that the Sideways and Island worlds are going to bleed totally together soon.

b. Desmond, since he works for Widmore, has orders to mow down Locke, and he complies.

c. Desmond is trying to hurt Locke so that Locke goes to a hospital in LA where a certain wonder surgeon, Jack Shephard, can try to fix him up--and perhaps, as Jack touches Locke during surgery, one or both of them will remember their connection in the Island world.

d. Desmond is trying to kill Locke in Sidewaysville because if he does so, and Locke's body is dead and buried, then MIB/Smokey/Nemesis/whatever-you-want-to-call-him won't have a body crashing on the Island to inhabit...this keeping MIB/Smokey/Nemesis/whatever-you-want-to-call-him trapped on the Island.

POTENTIAL PARTIAL MIRROR IMAGE! If Locke is indeed dead, Ben is once again with him at the time of his death...although this time he's trying to help. Also--remember a few episodes ago, Miles, who can speak to the dead, intuited that Locke's final thoughts were "I don't understand"? Well, that was totally the look I picked up from this Locke's face as Desmond ran him down. Poor, pathetic Locke, a victim of fate, and once again he can't understand why this is happening to him... (Have I mentioned before how I hope Locke--the actual John Locke, not this FLocke goober--finds redemption by the end of this series? I really hope that for him, because this dude's been put through some serious shit, and all he wants is to try to understand, to have answers...)

I freakin' loved this episode. LOVED it. It obviously gave us a lot to think about, which is one of the reasons I love Lost in the first place. Hurley was his usual likable self, the scenes with Hurley and Libby were touching as hell, and the writers moved the story along at what I felt to be a satisfying pace. I'd say I can't wait for more Lost, but do I even need to say that at this point? Nah, didn't think so. ;)

OK, that's all from me. After all, I sorta said "to hell with 815 words!" for this post--right now we've got 2,711 words (and still going and going, like the Energizer Lostie), and I think that's about enough outta me this time. Now I wanna hear your thoughts and theories! Shout 'em out in the Comments section!


April said...

Nunu made an appearance??? I actually missed the first minute or so of the show, visually at least, only listening to Chang's voice from the other room presenting the award so I completely missed it.

I was watching Ilana casually toss that bag of dynamite around and after seeing poor Arzt go boom, you'd think I could see it coming but I was still mortified when it happened. She's there one second being all cocky and then just...gone! Holy crap.

Michael appearing to Hurley is creeping me out. I'm not entirely sure why but I just don't trust him. I have seen it speculated that this is actually our dear Smokie appearing as Michael but I'm not convinced of that, still I'm not convinced he's good either. I do trust Hurley so I don't think he'd go along with anything that would intentionally hurt anyone but I'm afraid he's being duped. Especially as his role as leader has led the remaining candidates right to MiB which as we all know, is not where we want them.

I'm curious if anyone is still convinced that MiB is not pure evil after seeing him shove Desmond down that well! Who knows, though, maybe this was the plan all along and MiB unwittingly went right along with the plan that will actually keep him on that island. I hope so.

I just don't know what else to say about this episode. I'm so excited that it's all coming together and it was awesome to see Hurley and Libby together though at this point in the story, it was easy to see that coming.

MarieC said...

I'm still trying to process it all, but it is becoming clearer that Desmond, The Constant, is going to be a key player in both timelines.


@ April: Yep--Nunu was in the first couple minutes, in the presentation that Dr. Chang was doing. So cute!!! (Nunu, I mean--not Dr.Chang. LOL!)

Yeah, Ilana's exit was really sudden, huh? I wonder if we'll see her pop up somewhere in Sidewaysland...

I never really warmed to Michael's character. I think the helpful-ghost-in-the-jungle-talking-about-purgatory role Michael played last night would have been PERFECT for, say, Mr. Eko. But I'd heard he didn't want to come back to Hawaii to film any more Lost stuff, so obviously they couldn't get him for that. *sigh*

Yeah, I agree with you--I'm pretty damn sure MIB is QUITE evil!


@ Marie: Agreed! Although we haven't seen much of Desmond this season, I'm really liking what we have seen of him--I think they're doing a fabulous job with his character!

Sarah said...

Okay wow. I feel like a lot happened last night and I too am still trying to process it. I wasn't thrilled to see Michael either, mostly because I don't like his character. I was surprised to see him because I read how difficult he had been regarding the fee he required to appear. Ah well, if it's true that means we can infer his presence is important. I would have LOVED to see Mr. Eko last night! I miss his character.
I do love the explanation of the voices in the woods being those of people who are stuck there, though I, like you all, said "I thought they said it wasn't purgatory!" really loudly right after that. But I don't think the writers would lie to us, I don't think this is purgatory really. I have two theories
1. following typical scary movie lore: people who die with unfinished business become ghosts. Michael is stuck there because he has unfinished business(i.e the island wasnt finished with him yet) and became a ghost.
or 2. and I almost hate to think it because I adore Hurley- but maybe he is just a touch nuts. His mind couldn't handle the stress of everything that has happened and the responsibility of the situation and he just sort of snapped. He sees Michael and Jacob telling him what to do, which in truth is nothing more than his own ideas and thoughts being given back to him. Since it's coming from "someone else", Hurley doesn't have to make any decisions himself. I don't know if I am fully explaining this idea, but I am out of words to explain it.
I was pleased to see Libby back. I know the writers have said they are no longer planning to go into her back story but I am glad they brought her back to give a little resolution to her and Hurley's story line.

Did you catch when Libby said she checked herself into the mental hospital? I'm guessing that was meant to mean she started having these glimpses of another life and thought she was going crazy so she checked herself on in?

When Desmond and FLocke had their interaction in the woods I had a different take on what went down between them. Let me first say that when Desmond told FLocke "of course" he knew who FLocke was I got totally excited for half a second thinking we were finally going to get an actual name for the dude. Sigh.
Secondly, I am completely confused about their little chat. The look in FLocke's eyes after Desmond said "of course" was one of surprise. But the answer Desmond gave of John Locke really wasn't surprising at all. Is this what set FLocke off? I like your theory that Desmond saw some vestige of the real John Locke in there somewhere.
Why take Desmond all the way out to the well just to kill him? He could have killed him easily while he was tied to the tree, so why bother with the walk through the woods?
I agree with your theory on the little kid as well.
And while we are on the subject of theories- I LOVE your theory on why Desmond hit Locke, the one about Miles and Locke's final words. Goosebumps!


@ Sarah: I agree--a lot DID happen! Damn! :)

I like your "scary movie" type of idea regarding the whispers. That's a fairly simple concept, but it kinda works...and sometimes we're so busy overanalyzing like crazy that we forget the simplest ideas!
The "Hurley is kinda crazy and making himself think other people are giving him these ideas because then he doesn't have to be responsible for them"...I like that line of thinking. But I hope it's not true.

Yes--I think Libby checked herself in when she saw Hurley on TV and she started to remember her Island life...

I think FLocke wanted to get Desmond away from witnesses. Sayid may be bad now, but I think FLocke didn't want to have even Sayid see him try to kill Desmond. So he had to take Des somewhere more secluded.

Goosebumps, indeed! :)

Dave said...

I agree - Last nights episode was a good one. The idea of mirrors and parallels is certainly evident. I have to say I was a little disappointed at how Illana went. Yes I know that it's mirroring Artz's death but I always felt she would have more purpose than that. Honestly, if you would have asked me, I would have said Miles would go before Illana, but you know how things are with Lost! I found the Locke hit and run scene extremely disturbing. But you're right; it does seem that Desmond has some sort of precognition in both worlds. I really want Locke's character to have redemption. Sarah's theory on Hurley is a good one but, if that were the case then Hurley wouldn't have been able to help Richard reach out to the spirit of his wife. I'm pretty convinced Hurley is seeing what he's supposed to see. As for the whispers, yes I am a little let down too. I think any number of explanations would have been better, like the whispers being that of the characters somehow echoing across parallel universes in spots that are thin (yes I know sounds like Stephen King). I guess we'll see how things play out...I'm looking forward to the Jack/Flocke showdown.


@ Dave: Well, as Ben said, I guess the Island was done with Ilana. And I guess the Island isn't one for long and sweet goodbyes, haha.

The Locke hit-and-run scene was disturbing...but that's what makes it good. That's a scene we'll always remember for sure.