Friday, April 30, 2010

Guess who's on a baseball high again?

OK, I totally don't have grammar on the brain today. I just found out some major, major, MAJOR Lost spoilers (and no, I'm not telling, so don't worry--I won't spoil it for you), and otherwise, my mind is on baseball. Brad Lidge is back to pitch for the Phillies today in their first 2010 game against those evil Mets...not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing (ask me after the ninth inning, OK?). And Cliff Lee (my FAVORITE pitcher) has his first start for the Mariners tonight. Both those guys have been dealing with injuries 'til now, and I can't wait to see them both start kickin' some ass this season. Yes, I am still rooting for Lee even though he's not a Phillie anymore--I've got him on one team of BILFs (fantasy baseball), and I expect him to get me lots and lots of Ks!

I'm also excited to share some baseball merch-related news with you. The fab folks at wanted me to clue you in on some fun promotions happening over at their site...

What's a Fathead, you ask? It's an officially-licensed life-size wall graphic. They attach to your wall, and you can remove them from your wall easily if you wanna switch up the look of your room. So if, for instance, you have ever wanted a life-size Joe Mauer to place on your wall so that you could kiss it goodnight every night before bed, Fathead makes this possible! (But I don't know anyone like that. Nope, not anyone. Really. I swear. Cross my heart and hope to die, pet Mauer's butt as I walk by... Uh, wait, that's not how it goes, is it?) They make Fatheads of sports stars, cartoon characters, and more!

Anyway, about the promotions:

* THERE'S A SALE! Sales are awesome. And in this sale, you can get 15% off select Fathead products! Just go here and use code SML15C.

* YOU CAN GET FREE SHIPPING! Saving money on shipping is good. You can use the money you've saved toward buying tickets to go scream at hot baseball players in person. (I'd say I know nothing about this either, but we know that's a lie; half the Bronx is probably still deaf from me screaming at the hotness that is Josh Hamilton two weeks ago during the Yanks/Rangers series.) If you want free shipping, the code is SMLSHP1.

* YOU CAN WIN STUFF! I don't need to tell you how cool winning stuff is. You already know. And if you don't know, then scoot on over to RIGHT NOW. They've been giving Fathead Jrs away every day in April--today's your last chance to snag one!

And just for telling you, my lovely readers, about these great Fathead promotions, Fathead/ is gonna send me a Fathead Jr. for free. How sweet is that? Of COURSE I want the Utley one, 'cause it'll go perfectly with my living room, as seen below... ;)

Have a happy weekend, you crazy kids! :)


mama grammarphile said...

On a baseball high?
I can't believe that, Sweetie...


Love you.

MarieC said...

Nikki, you totally crack me up! I'm counting the minutes until Cliff Lee takes the hill for my Mariners! Squeeee!


@ Mama Grammarphile: I think I'm perpetually on a baseball high these days. ;) Love you, too!


@ Marie: Glad I was able to give you some giggles! I hope Cliffie (lame, I know, but that's how I tend to refer to him, haha) kicks some butt tonight! Let's go, Mariners!