Friday, April 2, 2010

FOODIE FRIDAY for April 2, 2010

No, you're not seeing things--yes, that cup really does say lite wipe.

Now for the backstory.
WINONA says: I went to my local Starbucks-within-a-Target today for a quick java fix after some shopping. Ordered a grande iced dark cherry mocha, no-fat with light whip. [This] is what the barista wrote on my cup... (by the way, no matter how you spell it, it tasted awesome!)

*shakes head* Whip doesn't equal wipe, folks. But if you're reading this blog, you probably already knew that!

Thanks to
WINONA for this picture!


funkychick17 said...

I think it says lite wupe (as in whipped cream). It is just written really messy.


Huh...I've never heard of whipped cream being referred to as "wupe." A quick Google search turned up nothing on wupe, wither (except that there's a radio station whose call letters are WUPE). Is this a regional slang thing? :)