Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Phillies are playing baseball, while the pirates are writing about it...

It's finally baseball season! Well, it's spring training season, anyway. And the Phillies are ready to rock and roll--their first spring training game against another MLB team is today (they're playing the 2010 World Series Champions, the Yankees...oh, it still hurts to write that!).

But not only are the Phillies present and accounted for, the pirates are, too. And I don't mean the Pirates (proper noun) from Pittsburgh (although I'm sure they're starting their spring training, too). I mean the pirates (not a proper noun) who wrote the above article. Arrr, matey--the Phillies game be available on MLB.TV! Shiver me timbers!

Thanks to fellow Phillies phan MAMA GRAMMARPHILE for spotting this amusing error! :)

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