Wednesday, March 17, 2010 815 (or fewer) words: "Recon"

Welcome, dear readers, to 815 (or fewer) words. This is a variation on last season's series of Lost posts on Red Pen, Inc.--the main difference being that these posts are less rambly. However, I'm still counting on the rest of you to talk to me in the comments about your thoughts/theories about last night's season premiere--so ramble on, you guys, OK? ;)

Tonight was the Sawyer episode, and I'm glad to see that the Lost writers realized one very big, very important thing:


And they gave us shirtless Sawyer within the first few minutes of the episode...along with going-on-a-hot-date Sawyer, who looked equally delectable.

But aside from all that? I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this episode. It was important--yes, definitely important. I feel like this episode's given us some insight into the plot of the next few episodes (with the possible exception of next week's episode--that's a Richard episode, and I'm hearing there will be more important stuff going on in the flashback than in present time). But I went into this episode with great expectations. Sawyer's an exciting character. So why couldn't I find this episode more exciting?

I think it's because I feel like a lot is going to happen, but that not a lot actually happened in this episode on the island. Let's see: Claire attacked Kate (that, actually, is interesting--and I'll touch on that again momentarily). FLocke sent Sawyer out to Hydra Island to see if there were any survivors from the Ajira flight, except that wasn't really why he wanted Sawyer to go there, and I'm still not quite clear on exactly why he wanted Sawyer to go there (do any of you guys know?). sawyer went there, got conned by some chick named Zoe, and got brought about Widmore's submarine. He then told Widmore that he'd bring him FLocke in exchange for his own, and his friends' safe passage off the island. Sawyer then went back to FLocke and told him basically what he'd told Widmore--except that he told FLocke that that was a lie. And then Sawyer told Kate what was going on, that he was gonna let the two sides (FLocke and Widmore) fight it out, and that he was going to get himself and Kate off the island.

Now, personally I'd be kinda happy if Sawyer and Kate did get off the island--I am very much Team Skate and really do believe those two are meant to be together. They're too much alike--even now, they're the two characters that I'm not quite sure which side they're on. I'm half-convinced they're on their own side: two good but troubled people dancing at the edge of darkness but to a beat that's all their own.

But I doubt they're gonna end up together. That's too much of a happy ending, and I'm pretty sure we're not going to get one of those when it comes to Sawyer and Kate. As a writer, if I were writing Lost, I'd permanently split those two up in some sort of spectacular fashion so as to have the maximum impact on viewers like me who feel so strongly that those two are yin and yang.

Anyway. Off-island, in the sideways world, Sawyer's a cop. He's using his con-man abilities to be a very, very good cop. Miles is his partner, he has a little run-in with Charlie's brother Liam, and he goes on an ill-fated date with Charlotte. He's still got his demons--he's on the hunt for Anthony Cooper, the original Sawyer, whom he wants to kill. As he's telling Miles about this, somebody's car slams into the car that Sawyer and Miles are chatting in. Sawyer gives chase and finds that the perp is...Kate! The look he gave her when he saw her face was priceless; it almost looked like he recognized her. Perhaps from their brief encounter at the airport, or perhaps because somewhere in his consciousness, he knows that he already knows her somehow...?

Some things I noticed:

* Going back to the Kate/Claire thing: Did anyone else notice that prior to attacking her, Claire grabbed Kate's hand? And then later after attacking Kate, when Claire apologized and hugged Kate, they seemed to pay special attention to the hands?

* Also on the hand topic: When Kate was upset and FLocke was talking to her, he offered her his hand as she was going to get up from where she was sitting. Kate got up on her own and didn't take his hand. Is something going on where characters who are infected are trying to somehow spread the infection by a touch of their hand? If Jacob could make people special candidates by touching them with his hand, isn't it reasonable to wonder what Smokey might be able to do to them with a touch of his hand?

* Sayid looked and acted like a shell of himself. We only saw him briefly, and we saw nothing of the brave Sayid we're used to seeing. He just sat there while Claire attacked Kate. Not sure if that's because he didn't want to help Kate (those dark side people probably like stickin' together on stuff like this) or because he simply didn't have it in him to do so. Perhaps there's not enough soul/humanity left in Sayid to implore him to help a friend in need.

* We've been dealing with a mirror theme this whole season. On a larger level, events in each world mirror each other (like the scene in the beginning of this episode where that chick was trying to con Sawyer, who, in his cop sort of way, was conning her...that mirrored a Sawyer/Cassidy scene from seasons past, but it was more of a funhouse-style mirror image, as the two scenarios were not quite the same), and on a smaller level, with mirrors showing up prominently in the sideways world. Tonight we saw sawyer stare himself down in the mirror and then punch it, shattering the glass, after he and Miles had an argument.

* Looked like two of the books in Sawyer's room were Watership Down and Lancelot. Any deep insights...?

* FLocke touched on some mommy issues. Now, we know Locke has some mommy issues, but I absolutely got the sense that FLocke was talking about his own (not Locke's) mommy issues. I felt like they were touching on something significant and meaningful here but that we only got a taste of it this time around.

I also thought there were a lot of significant quotes tonight--things that sent a spidey sense sort of tingle down my spine. And they are:

"Do you want to die alone?" (Miles to Sawyer)

FLocke: "Have you ever had an enemy? Someone that you needed to hate?..."
Kate: "Very insightful, coming from a dead man."
FLocke: "Well, nobody's perfect."

And on the TV show (Little House on the Prairie, perhaps? I'm not sure...) that Sawyer was watching: "And people aren't really gone when they die. All the good memories sustain us 'til we see them again."

Now it's your turn. Thoughts on "Re-Con"? Who else thought Charlotte looked absolutely gorgeous tonight? Is Sawyer conning both Widmore and FLocke? Do you think he's going to succeed? Shout it out in the Comments section!


April said...

My absolute favorite part of this episode (besides shirtless Sawyer) was when Flocke slapped Claire. That got a very loud "hell yea!" out of me.

When Claire took Kate's hand I really thought she had made peace with her taking Aaron off the island. Wrong.

I so enjoyed seeing Flocke put her in her place. We also got to see more proof of the liar he is, though. He is manipulating everyone, making himself look good, making promises that he probably won't or can't keep and so on.

I am not invested in the Sawyer/Kate outcome. If they end up together, great, if not, then oh well. But I definitely got the sense last night that they are going to end up together. He's been grieving Juliet and now suddenly he's looking at Kate and appears to be reminiscing about his past with her. Ugh. Such a man.

As for him getting those two off the island, saw that one coming a mile away. It was pretty obvious he was conning both Widmore and Flocke and I say good for him. Let those two fight out their war and let the innocent ones alone. More people are going to die before this is over, though. All for...what exactly? Hope we find out soon.


@ April: Yeah, I liked that part, too. Hey, somebody's gotta knock some sense into Claire!

In last night's episode, it was sorta like Juliet never existed for Sawyer. Kinda sad to see that, even though I always thought he was a much better fit with Kate. This isn't the part of the storyline I'm most invested in either, but I'm still pretty interested in what happens.

Yeah, I still have no clue what all this is for, either. Last night's episode definitely left me wanting answers, or at least more of a clue as to where this is all headed...

April said...

I forgot to comment on the crazy mother scene. I definitely got the sense that they were revealing something huge there. I doubt it's the last time we hear of the MiB's crazy mother. I do think he was talking about his mother and not Locke's mother. He said something along the lines of "a long time ago, before I looked like this" which to means he's referring to his mother.


I'm really interested in hearing more about FLocke's "crazy mother." I, too, got the sense that that little revelation was VERY important somehow...

MarieC said...

I only need 4 words to describe this episode: "oooh, a Sawyer episode!" (LOL. Yes, that was Little House on the Prairie he was watching.)

I agree with everyone that the crazy mom is MiB's mom, not FLocke's. I still wonder if and when Aaron will reappear?


I am certain, absolutely certain, we haven't seen the last of Aaron. They've built him up too much to not bring him back and make him important in this final season. As to what his function/role will be though? No freakin' clue! :)

Dave said...

I agree with favorite part of last nights episode was the bitch slap Flocke administered to Claire. And does it make me a horrible person to say that I actually laughed afterward? Probably it does....oh well. I think she had it coming. Sayid's indifference to Kate having a knife practically down her throat was way creepy I might add. I also agree - while nothing exciting seemed to really go down, I think some major future plot points and conflicts have had their foundations formed. Time will tell how things play out. Question - Jacob wanted someone to find Teh Island. Was it Widmore? Or was it someone else? Too many questions...too many days until the next episode...


I still feel like Jacob's "They're coming" was in reference to Ilana & co. I could be wrong, though! If Widmore and Jacob were on the same side, that could be pretty interesting.

I agree--too many days to wait 'til the next episode! I cannot WAIT for the Richard episode!

Magnolia said...

I might be in the minority on this one, but I LOVED this episode! I was glued to the screen and loving every minute.

Man in Black + Jacob = brothers with the same effed-up mom?

I like the hands analysis! I picked up on it only a little, and didn't make much of it on my own.

It is SO sad to see Sayid become a shell of the man he used to be. I think I mentioned before how sad I was that he didn't find redemption, and this just drove that sadness home for me.

I can't wait until they reveal Aaron's role in all this. I can't even come up with a theory of my own. :)


I'm liking the "brothers" theory (re: FLocke/Jacob). :)

Yeah, seeing Sayid that way made me sad, too! I'm hoping that there's still hope for him yet...but I'm kinda doubtful that'll be the case.

sarah said...

Okay, first off- thanks for the multitude of scenes with sawyer. Both clothed and unclothed, they made up for his absence over the last two weeks. I also have to say Charlotte looked amazing- way better than on island Charlotte. But then again, who doesnt look better when made up by a professional and under specially designed lighting?
The fact that on and off island Miles knows Charlotte makes me wonder if off island Miles knows Daniel Faraday too. Wonder how/when he will be brought in?
I am a little bit tired of the whole "claire is mad at Kate for taking Aaron" thing. Its rediculous. I was quite pleased when she got slapped, should have happened earlier, dont you think?
I havent seen Kate so utterly beaten down(emotionally) in a long time. It looked like it really took a toll on her to both lose both Claire and Sayid in the span of one minute.Without them and without Sawyer She was totally "alone" and it appeared for the first time to bother her for no one to have her back.
FLocke is really getting to me lately too. I am beginning to feel almost sorry for him, no strike that. I am feeling sorry for him. I know we arent supposed to know yet, but what kind of life choices did he make to end up as a prisoner on the island? Although, when you think about it- I guess at one time or another most every character has been a prisoner on that island.

I had a thought- we know that Jacob has been watching the main characters and was in some way in their lives pre-island. My thinking is that that means the man in black was too. Maybe each of them interacted with our losties and tried to influence them independently. Im looking at it like jacob and the man in black are playing some kind of game and those stuck on and brought to the island are the pawns in their game. (i dont play chess, is that the right analogy?)
Back to FLocke- I thought it showed a bit of true character for him to say "the black smoke killed them" and not take responsibility for that himself. This callousness was later contridicted though when he took the time to try to comfort the kids by telling them they were safe now. Why do that if you dont care?

Maybe I am the only one but I am not a fan of Sawyer and Kate. They are too similar to ever really work together. Two people who cut and run when things get intense will never work out. I am a big Jate fan.
I think FLocke sent Sawyer to Hydra island as kind of a test. he wanted to test his allegiance. I did however think it was rather odd that FLocke said "you are the best liar I ever met" to Sawyer. Other than the lie he told FLocke about not talking to Richard, what lies has he told? Does that mean that the man in black has John Locke's memories too?
Hmmm... Still thinking on this one.


I, too, was hit pretty hard by Kate's utter alone-ness. It was pretty moving to see Sayid not making any effort at all to help her.

Yes, I was also wondering if Miles knows Faraday. I'm betting he'll be brought in during te Desmond episode...which is maybe episode 10 or 11, not sure which.

I like your thought about MIB having watched the candidates too... Definitely an interesting thought! I'm really not feeling sorry for FLocke, least not yet. Once I understand more about why he's a prisoner of the island, then I might...

I'm getting the impression FLocke does have some of Locke's memories. Not entirely sure, though...

michael said...

@Sarah - remember, if someone's a prisoner, there is very good chance that he or she is a criminal. Nemesis is a killer. And, once again, you CANNOT be angry at Claire for being irrational - she's batsh*t INSANE. Also, I really like CAPITALS.

Anyway, I thought it was a great episode. Still a lot of questions, but things are definitely getting somewhere. I think Widmore is the person Jacob was referring to as someone coming to the Island. Widmore and his crew seem to know what's going on, and I've been thinking lately that the whole showdown between Ben and Widmore? Not what we were told. Not the whole story, anyway. In the last few weeks we've discussed a growing pile of evidence that Ben wasn't ever in touch with Jacob; he only got word through Richard. Widmore was the leader before Ben kicked him off the Island, but what if Widmore was a lot closer to Jacob than Ben? I don't think we were ever given an explanation from him or a relatively impartial source as to why he sent a helicopter with a Physicist, an Archaeologist, a Psychic, and a team of commandos on a boat filled with explosives after ONE man. Thoughts?

As for Sayid, give than guy an award. Yes, even though you could count his lines on your thumbs. His empty/crazy act sends shivers down my spine every time he opens his mouth!


Yeah, I agree with you about it looking more and more like Ben wasn't ever in touch with Jacob, which makes me feel even sorrier for him. He's spent his whole life serving this entity that has spent time and energy on others, but didn't focus on him at all (or so it seems at this point). Hopefully we'll find out more about this Widmore/Ben/Jacob business soon.

I'm really wondering what's in the locked compartment in the sub. If you believe the Doc Jensen theory (about how all this time travel stuff comes back to Faraday) at the end of his recap this week, perhaps that's Theresa's body in that compartment...

And yeah, I agree--Sayid's been absolutely brilliant lately, even when he's being a man of few words!

michael said...

I think Doc Jensen's theory about Faraday is a bit far out, even for LOST. I like the idea, but it's not really something you can explain in the context of the show. Yeah, the bomb going off sent all of the time travelers sideways, but fetus-Faraday wasn't jumping around. Even if he was, I don't think he'd be "grafted" to Smokey. If anything, there's a tiny body of an unborn Faraday somewhere in the jungle. Try getting that visual out of your head.

On the other hand, the Fisher Kind theory is all kinds of amazing!


"Tiny body of an unborn Faraday"...oh god, a time-traveling Faraday fetus! This is the stuff from which nightmares are made...