Friday, March 19, 2010

If you sell it, PLEASE learn how to spell it!

I don't know which is the most appalling thing going on here:
* The horrendous misspellings of the word jewelry (if you sell it, shouldn't you also know how to spell it?);
* "Animal earrings"--Are those earrings with animals on them or earrings for your animals?;
* And "Golden Huggies," which just sounds kinda gross. (Or maybe it just sounds gross to me because my mind's perpetually in the gutter.)

On the topic of jewelry, if you're looking for a good gift for someone special (Mother's Day is coming up sooner than you think...), I'd like to recommend you check out LuShae Jewelry.* Their website is MUCH better at spelling than the website I'm mocking in this blog post. ;) This online store features fun, unique, and modern designs for extremely reasonable prices. Sure, they sell cubic zirconia instead of diamonds--but they're super-pretty and aren't gonna break the bank! As Sarah from LuShae says, "We want to focus on contemporary trends and artistic style over expensive materials but won't compromise on workmanship. To us jewelry isn't precious because it costs a fortune, it's precious because of the unique style and memories of special times it brings." Right on!

I was sent
this pretty ring in exchange for my review of their store, and I'm pleased with it. It's a wee bit big on me, but I have tiny fingers (I'm a size 6), but if I wear it primarily when it's nice and warm out (fingers are a little bigger then), it's not going to be sliding around much. I love the stone (tanzanite)--it's absolutely gorgeous! I tend to go for either very old-fashioned/vintage-looking jewelry or jewelry that's very princess-y, so I may be going back to LuShae soon to buy this, this, or this. They also sell gorgeous earrings (I love the dangly ones), which unfortunately I can't wear because I have an allergy to metal actually going through my skin. But if I could wear 'em, I'd buy these in a heartbeat!

I was also pleased with the speedy delivery of my ring. LuShae Jewelry is based in Australia but ships internationally, and I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my ring arrived! Props to LuShae Jewelry for their great jewelry designs, speedy shipping, and overall kickass-ness.

* Full disclosure: In exchange for a pretty piece of jewelry, I agreed to review LuShae Jewelry on this blog. The review is 100% honest and has in no way been influenced by my pretty, sparkly new ring.


Bridgete said...

At least with a 6, you probably still have an easier time than I do. I'm a 5 on my right hand, and a 4.5 on my left. =/


Wow! Holy tiny fingers, Batman! :)

The 6 is for my index finger. I think I need something smaller for my ring finger!

Bridgete said...

Oh! Then we probably do have the same size, I'm around a 6 on my index finger too.

LadyStyx said...

Golden Huggies? Sounds like a saturated diaper. Ew.

Some of those rings are quite pretty. I'm more partial to the yellow gold but it has to be real gold and not that plated crap. My skin turns green with that cheap junk. I think I'm wearing about a size 8 on my left ring finger. Not sure about the other fingers. I think the pinkies are a 6 or a bit smaller.


@ LadyStyx: Yeah, my skin turns green when it comes in contact with cheap metals, too. But the ring LuShae sent me hasn't had that effect on me...yay! :)