Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Apostrophe catastrophes are not BILFtastic at all.

So today my parents are in Clearwater, Florida, watching Cole Hamels pitch his BILFtastic ass off against the Tigers. (Right now the score is 6-1 in favor of the Fightin' Phils--yay!) I'm totally jealous of my folks and hope that they're not only having a fabulous time, but that they're also getting some great pictures (nudge nudge, wink wink, Mama Grammarphile!).

While my parents are in Florida watching a baseball game, I'm stuck here at work bitching about how it really annoys me when idiots make punctuation errors in the vicinity of King Cole's name. Cole does not possess "to work on curve ball"; therefore, that apostrophe is completely unnecessary.

Thanks to KIRSTEN for spotting this error! In the meantime, to make myself forget about the egregiousness of that apostrophe error, I'm gonna stare at this...which will hopefully make it all better...

*sigh* Dreamy!


sitboaf said...

Although I did not manage to acquire Cole Hamels in my fantasy draft this year, I DID procure Jayson Werth, Shane Victorino, and honorary Phillie Cliff Lee.
Not a bad looking bunch, from your perspective.


Very nice! Handsome AND talented...well, except for Werth. He's gotta chop down that face forest of his before I'm gonna think he's cute again!