Monday, February 22, 2010

MISSPELLING MONDAY for February 22, 2010

So BRIDGETE, who is going to Paris in the near future, found these errors for us. She says: Normally I wouldn't submit something like this; I know it's primarily a French website, and they just give an English translation out of courtesy. However, the instant I read "No smocking hotel" I nearly died laughing, so I knew I had to pass it on. Although, it is Paris, I guess there could be some sort of Fashion Police rule against smocks...

Not only that, but the mention of "multilangual" staff at this hotel makes me smile. Does this still count as Engrish since it comes from France? (Normally Engrish comes from Japan. So does this still qualify as Engrish, or do we need to come up with another term, like Franglish?)

Thanks, BRIDGETE, for spotting these funny errors! :)


Bridgete said...

I usually use Frenglish to indicate speaking in a mix of French and English (like Spanglish). Maybe we can still use Engrish but put a French accent on, ang-REE (the French never pronounce the letter H).

And "no smocking" STILL makes me giggle. =)

Ruth said...

In the UK, we call this franglais (a mixture of the French words for French and English: français and anglais).


@ Bridgete: Ha! That's cute.

@ Ruth: Ooh, I like that--great term!