Wednesday, February 10, 2010 815 (or fewer) words: "What Kate Does"

Welcome, dear readers, to 815 (or fewer) words. This is a variation on last season's series of Lost posts on Red Pen, Inc.--the main difference being that these posts are less rambly. However, I'm still counting on the rest of you to talk to me in the comments about your thoughts/theories about last night's season premiere--so ramble on, you guys, OK? ;)

So everything I read in advance about this episode seemed to indicate that it would be Kate-centric. To some degree, it was, but I think that the more interesting and more important story is what's going on with Sayid...and also Claire.

That's not a knock on Kate at all. She's my favorite of the female characters, and while other people seem to really dislike her, I find her to be brave, strong, and loyal. Yeah, she's a felon, but she also knows how and when to do the right thing. Like in tonight's episode, when she was on the run (off the island)--she could have been completely selfish and just taken off, not come back for Claire, and not helped Claire get to a hospital. But she did come back and she did assist Claire, even when there were cops after her. Kate risked her newfound freedom to do the right thing. (Also regarding the Kate/Claire storyline: holy shit, it's Ethan, looking a lot less creepy than he usually looks, and seeming much more benevolent than he usually seems!)

I found it interesting that on-island and off-island, Kate and Ethan are two major players in the Claire-having-a-baby drama. That's definitely a parallel. (Another sign of...something about parallel universes, perhaps?)

I was also really impressed with Sawyer tonight. His emotions were believable, palpable, and it made it hard to remember that this guy was once a selfish con artist loathed by pretty much everyone else on the island. I still feel like Kate and Sawyer are two halves of the same whole, and I do hope that they somehow find a way to be together, but...not just yet. Sawyer's growing with his Juliet-induced grief, and I'm curious to see where that takes him.

Back at the temple, the Sayid mystery continues. Is he dead or isn't he? The strange Japanese man ("Dogen"? Is that right?) seems to think Sayid's been...inhabited. I'm inclined to agree with him. He described it to Jack as an infection: "There's a darkness growing inside of him. Everything your friend once was will be gone." Jack, the man of science, asked how he could be so sure of this, and the man replied, "Because it happened to your sister." And then a couple minutes later...there's Claire, acting and looking mighty Rousseau-like with a shotgun in the woods.

My prediction: Sayid's gonna start being bad, bad, bad, and somebody's gonna have to kill him. My money's on either Jack or Hurley: Hurley because he's been a little more heroic as of late, or Jack because he's going to feel a need to be a hero and balance out the things he recently did that he's not proud of (like his role in what led to Juliet's death). I'm betting Claire's also turned rather rotten (becoming inhabited after the attack on the Dharma houses way back in season 4). What will happen if these core members of Flight 815 turn against the other people from the flight? How will these bad apples get redemption? And how does it all relate to the parallel universe issue Lost has going on this season?

Your turn, you guys. What'd you think of "What Kate Does"? What's next for these characters? Was anyone else kinda dying because there were no Flocke or Ben scenes in this episode? (I sure was!) Comment away!


April said...

After Flocke drug our beloved Richard away over his shoulder last week, I was really looking forward to more of that story. So disappointment from me from the go.

I was not too impressed by this one but I didn't think it was as awful as some of the comments I've read about it. I think it was interesting to see more of the parallel universe story and how Kate and Claire seem to be destined to bond. There's a lot of criticism over how fast Claire went from Kate's victim to willingly getting in the car with her but I think it makes sense for that to have happened with the direction the story is going. They are trying to show us that these characters have a connection even if they don't fully understand it.

I really don't care for Kate and it's not because she is a felon or has done bad things, it's because of the silly love triangle saga. She can never make up her mind whether she wants Jack or Sawyer and I find that to be very adolescent. However, it isn't her story that annoyed me most about this episode.

I'm really rather sick of the Others and the way they order our Losties around and torture my boyfriend without so much as an explanation. They demand trust in the form of a pill but refuse to explain it. Sorry but no. If you want this group that doesn't know you to trust you, you're going to need to be a bit more forthcoming. I'm willing to bet you'd get a lot more cooperation. It appears they are about to fight a major war and I'm just not buying that they want to fight this war with a group of hostile people in their camp. They need those people on their side.

Still, I say it was a good story-telling episode and a nice break from the super fast pace of the premiere.

michael said...

Disclaimer: Courtesy of a friend-of-a-friend, I've taken to calling the "man in black"/Joseph's counterpart Nemesis. I like the ring to it. Also, courtesy of JJ's new "Star Trek" movie, I refer to the new universe characters as "(character's name) prime." Just because.


I'm in a nasty situation where my usually steel-trap-like memory is rusting over, but I don't have the time to polish it. In plain English, I can't remember all of the events leading up to this point, and I'm starting to pay for it. I don't remember the "jail break" the guy Kate clocked (Twice) was referring to, and now I have NO IDEA what happened to Claire! I remember her disappearing with Christian, but nothing before that. So I wanted to say that anyone who dies (or shows up dead, a la Christian and Locke) can be "claimed" by Nemesis. But Claire might throw a wrench in the works.

Otherwise, the parallel universe stuff is starting to mess with me, not least because having two totally separate (yeah, right) stories means they spend a lot less time on any one in particular. In this episode, it was Kate prime and Jack prime seeing each other, and Kate prime having a deja vu moment when Claire prime said "Aaron." Is JJ trying to insinuate that they somehow are connected? As in, memories? What about the fact that our new parallel universe takes place three years ago? What happens when one of the primes figures out what's going on? My theory there is taken straight out of Douglass Adams's "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - when someone figures out the meaning of the universe, it will immediately come to an end and be replaced with a new, stranger one. (There is another theory that states that this has already happened). In this case, I think that as soon as they figure it out, the parallel universe will come crashing to a halt somehow.


Hi, April! Yeah, the lack of Flocke/Ben/Guyliner had me a little annoyed last night, too. At least Sawyer looked delectable even while he was all depressed and stuff!

I agree with you; I think illustrating that some characters are meant to be tied to one another was a really good theme to illustrate so early on in this season.

I can usually relate to Kate really well, but I don't get her Jack/Sawyer dilemma. There's a lot more TO Sawyer, I think, so for me that decision would be an easy one! LOL.

I'm intrigued by these other Others. I can't say I LIKE them, but I can definitely say I'm looking forward to finding out more about them.


Hi, Michael! I like your/your friend-of-a-friend's Nemesis and Prime language; I think those terms work well!

I didn't remember the dude Kate clocked (Aldo) either. I think the Doc Jensen recap posted on provided a little more info on him. And as for Claire, as far as I can remember, she was in a yellow Dharma cabin when Keamy & co. raised some serious hell. Claire looked like she was at death's door, and then later on in the season we see her with Christian in a cabin. Hmmm... I sense that she has Nemesis potential, too.

I like your Hitchhiker's-related theory. If that's the case, I wonder who figured out the universe. Faraday? Desmond? Some Dharma people...? Or maybe Vincent? LOL. :)