Thursday, February 18, 2010

FOODIE FRIDAY for February 19, 2010

OK, so technically this post deals with food,'s food you probably shouldn't eat! Seriously, why the hell would someone paint potato chips? Wouldn't they be rather fragile? And aren't potato chips for nom-nom-nomming, not for arts and crafts?

Anyway, MEGAN found that silly misspelling at the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. (That surprised me--I'd taken one look at this crazy craft and figured it must have been spotted over at Regretsy...) I don't think we can blame Linda Lee Curtis for any transgressions beyond making some rather bizarre-looking art projects (the paintings on these chips really kinda creep me out); the museum seems like it's the guilty party when it comes to the misspelling on the little sign. So Ripley, if you said somebody at one of your museums couldn't spell...well, I'd certainly believe that!

Thanks, MEGAN, for catching this error!


Rob said...

Ah yes... I think the problem is a missing space actually. Those are obviously chips off the mythical "pota toe," which if memory serves is a distant relative of Big Foot, but quite a bit smaller.

Believe it, or not!


Haha! :) Well, you've just upped the grossness factor of that crazy craft. Painted chips were yucky enough, but painted chips from a TOE? Ewwwwwww!

News you can use, the rest you can lose said...

I did not read every single word, but I was simply "surfing" through the blog-o-sphere. Came across your site, and my first reaction was that you must miss William Safire very much. It then dawned om that, perhaps, you are young enough not to remember him. He wrote for the New York Times Editorial Page back in the day.
I just thought you might find him a great read. thanks for your diligence to the written side of our language.

News you can use, the rest you can lose said...

I just happened across your blog space. wondered if you had ever been a fan of William Safire, New York Times Editorial Writer? Sounds like you may have been infected with his abhorrance of current society's use of the English Language. Please keep up the noise about the abuse our language recieves in every form of media.


@ News: Thanks! And yes, I did enjoy reading Safire's stuff! :)