Friday, January 8, 2010

LAZY-ASS FRIDAY for January 8, 2010

Y'know, I think last Friday I was too lazy to even bother with doing a Lazy-Ass Friday post. Heh. Hopefully this one will make up for last week's supreme amount of laziness.

You guys know how much I love sports-related errors. For once, I've found an error that's completely related to anything Philadelphia. Texas, this one's your fault. If you're gonna make some nosie, fine, but how 'bout you also learn how to spell?

And this one comes from RYAN O. Move over,'ve got competition from lithium batteries now!

That's all for now, kids. It's back to work/novel-writing/being lazy for me. Have fabulous weekends, and I'll be back with more grammar goodness for you on Monday!


ChicagoLady said...

Whew! When I saw the reference to Philly, I thought it was about my Cowboys. Glad to see it was a stupid Texan fan that can't spell.


*sigh* Don't wanna talk football after this weekend... *pouts*