Monday, December 14, 2009

Seeing red--red pen, that is...

So I'm still wrapping my mind around last night's Dexter season finale (did anyone else see it? I thought it was quite good...what are your thoughts?), where I saw red--lots and lots of red (blood). And this morning I'm still seeing red...this time in the form of lots of red pen ink.

This little letter was sent in by
GENE. One of his neighbors distributed this letter to all the residents of their apartment complex. Gene wrote his own response to it here. My response to this assault on our delicate grammatical senses will not be as classy as Gene's is, though.

My response would go something like this:

Dear Neighbor:

By law, you are required to get a license to do things like drive and use handguns.

There are days when I think people should also be required to pass a test and get a permit to disseminate written information. This is one of those days.

On a related note, today is also one of those days I strongly feel that people should have to obtain a license to have permission to breed. Because people like you, anonymous note-writing neighbor, will inevitably pass along your bad grammar genes to your spawn. This could actually be considered a form of child abuse...or at least it is in the Grammarphile's little world.

Also, you might want to kindly suggest that the apartment complex begins to offer some adult education courses in English. That would be a hell of a valuable amenity.


The Grammarphile


Bridgete said...

I *just* watched Dexter, I had a choir concert last night so it was chilling in my TiVo. I'm still reeling. I'm not even sure what to think right now.


That was a hell of an episode, wasn't it? Wow. Can't wait to see what the writers do with enxt season...Dexter's in quite the predicament, huh? Single dad, can he effectively be both at the same time?

Bridgete said...

I know. He was having enough trouble being married dad. What a crazy twist.

April said...

Dexter is next on my list. I just heard of it a few months ago so I have lots of catching up to do before Lost airs again. 'Tis my one true love there.


@ Bridgete: The writers are gonna have a difficult time with next season, making the storyline good and plausible. But I think they can do it... :)


@ April: Dexter is definitely a must-watch! There's nobody as attractive as Sawyer in it, but it's a damn good show anyway. :)