Monday, December 21, 2009

MISSPELLING MONDAY for December 21, 2009

Who takes their cameras into bathrooms? Grammarphiles do, dammit. And that's how this little Grammarphile caught this misspelling for you...

A few weeks ago I was at an engagement party (congrats to my friends Robin and Daryl!) and spotted this little gem in the bathroom of the restaurant where the party was held. The word "completely" is written so screwily here that I'm not entirely sure what happened. My best guess is that the person started out writing "completly," realized there is supposed to be another e in the word, and then spelled it "completley." Or something like that. It looks like the person who write this wrote the second e on top of that l. Very bizarre, don't you think?

And is it just me, or doesn't common sense dictate that you hold down the flusher to flush the toilet? I felt like this note was sort of a retarded thing to post (and not just because of its screwy spelling!).


Bridgete said...

Well, most toilets you can just push the flusher then let go...I'm guessing with this one, you need to hold it down a little longer than normal. ;)

April said...

As someone with one of those quirky toilets that you have to hold down the handle until it's done flushing, I understand what our spelling challenged note-writer is trying to say.

Are you feeling better?


I've always held the flusher until I'm certain that everything's leaving the toilet. Finicky flusher or easy flusher, my procedure is always the same...LOL!

@ April: Mostly...still tired, though. I got to see a Lost rerun the other night and seeing Sawyer made me feel a little more lively, at least. :) Thanks for asking!