Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm the happiest girl in the world...

I can't think about grammar right now because I'm realllllllly freakin' excited.

In exactly 2 months and 26 days (but who's counting?), I finally get to see my favorite band in concert. (OK, I have met them once before, which was AWESOME, and I have seen Matt Bellamy play guitar about 5 feet in front of me for like three seconds, but I haven't actually attended one of their concerts before.)

On March 5, 2010, I finally get to see MUSE. And I couldn't possibly be more freakin' excited about it. *squeal*

Some of you who know me personally know that Muse is very, very special to me because of the impact they've had on this crazy novel I'm writing. I've been wanting to be at one of their live shows for quite some time now, and finally I'm going to get to go to one! Holy creative inspiration...and at the best possible time, too, because if I stay on schedule with the plans for my novel, I'll be finishing up the first full draft right when these boys roll into town. Even listening to Muse's CDs has a very inspirational effect on my writing...and I can't wait to see what sort of effect seeing them live (*squeal*) has on my book!

So please excuse me while I go squeal and squeak and make other silly, girlish noises to indicate my ridiculously high level of excitement. Once I come down from my little Muse high, I'll be back with an intelligent, grammar-related post... :)

Also, a huge thanks to my fabulous mother for getting the ticket for me and for dealing with my Muse-related franticness...I was stuck in a meeting when the ticket presale happened, and so Mama Grammarphile stepped in to save the day! Thanks,'re the BEST!


mama grammarphile said...

You're welcome, Sweetie. Now calm down and relax a bit, ok? It's all good.

Love you.


Relax? RELAX?!? I'm seeing Muse in 2 months, 26 days...and I have been squeaking and squealing about it ALL DAY LONG because I'm sooooooo excited. Relaxing is SO not an option! ;)

I'd say I'm on a Muse high right now, but I think I'm *always* on a Muse high lately...this one's just a bit more pronounced!

Love you too, Mom!

Gene Shiau said...

Dear "franctic" Grammarphile,

I believe you have invented a new English word ...

Pedantic Reader

(just teasing!)


Hahahaha! Apparently I have SUCH a weakness for Matt Bellamy that my spelling skills go to hell when I think about him. This does not bode well, LOL. Thanks, Gene!