Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's a phucking misplaced modifier...

Y'know, I don't even really give a damn that the Phillies' web folks made a retarded misplaced modifier error in this e-mail blast they sent out (they really should have said "...featuring articles you won't find anywhere else on the Philadelphia Phillies..." since obviously they don't have the ONLY publication that ever writes about the Phillies).

The reason I don't care is because the Phillies made it into the World Series for the second consecutive year.

And that is fucking (phucking!) awesome.

So you know what, Phillies web people? Rock on with your bad [grammar] selves for the next couple days, because all I really care about is seeing my boys in red and white win the Fall Classic again. You people could screw up the names of all my favorite players (yes, even Cole Hamels), and I'd just laugh it off.

Yep, the Grammarphile has actually issued somebody a free pass on these sorts of errors. That's serious and unprecedented. (Well, that and the fact that I know I'll be so sleep-deprived from watching World Series games that I might not even see said grammar/spelling errors in whatever e-mails the Phillies send out. Whatever.)

Congratulations to the Phillies, the National League Champions...again!


sitboaf said...

I, like you, shall apply every ounce of my being to will the Phillies to beat the goddamn Bankees.


That's the spirit! :D

Bridgete said...

Well, my dear...since my team is out and my team's rivals are very, VERY close to in...looks like I'll be rooting for your Phillies this year too.


Yay, Bridgete! Way to go, cheerin' on the good guys in this series! :D