Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear New York Post:

Perhaps if you weren't so busy trashing my Phillies in your little piece of crap newspaper, you would remember to omit unnecessary apostrophes, write sentences better than those your average third-grader could write--oh, and correctly spell Yankees ballplayers' names. I realize that Hideki Matsui is pictured here in a suit, but that doesn't mean that the word suit needs to show up in his last name.

And for the record, Phillies babes are hotter than Yankees babes. (Hamels and Utley, for instance, have hot wives. OK, fine--Minka Kelly and Kate Hudson are pretty and famous. But to balance those two out, whenever I see pictures of Sabathia's and Damon's wives, I can't help wondering if they went through certain operations to, um, become wives.)

In summary: New York Post, please kindly shut the fuck up.

The Grammarphile


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