Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun stuff for Friday!

Ahhh, it's Friday afternoon. Time to slack off! And I'm here to help you slack off, fellow slaves to the office. Hopefully the following links will serve as pleasant distractions for you as you watch the clock in anticipation of getting the hell outta your cube...

* An interesting NYT article dealing with choosing just the right word... Thanks for this one, KEITH!

* I think I've mentioned before that sometimes it's necessary to not proofread just your words, but also look over your photography for errors. People magazine, I'm talking to you. The fine folks at Deadspin noticed that this article about Erin Andrews wasn't entirely about Erin...

* In other news from the world of sports, check out this football-related spelling FAIL.

* The Huffington Post found a whole bunch of crazy/scary/funny signs from town hall protests. The "youth in Asia" ones are my favorites... The "Pubic Option" one's a classic, too!

Enjoy your weekends, everyone...and c'mon back for more grammar goodness (OK, more like badness) on Monday!

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