Friday, September 18, 2009

FOODIE FRIDAY for September 18, 2009--part 1

Y'know, sometimes I feel bad when I write Foodie Friday posts, because I'm often talking about really yummy things like tater tots, cupcakes, and pies... And none of those things are necessarily good for people to eat. None of them are particularly healthy...and here I go, writing posts that make you hungry for these things.

So the theme of today's Foodie Friday posts is dieting. Today I won't be writing about any delectably tempting pastries or mouth-watering fried foods.

Let's talk about...salads.

I love how these guys make the salad out to be evil! (No, it's actually their editors who are evil, since they let a really simple agreement error slide by.) They do have a point--if your salad is loaded up with all sorts of creamy, greasy goodness, then yeah, it's gonna be unhealthy.

One of my biggest food quirks is that I loathe condiments. I just don't eat them (the one exception: honey with chicken fingers/nuggets, especially if I'm at Chick-Fil-A...does that even count as a condiment, though?). And the thought of putting any sort of dressing on my salad horrifies me. I looooooove veggies...and I really enjoy how yummy a salad of nothing but fresh, crisp vegetables can be (sometimes, if I'm feeling sassy, I'll add some grilled chicken or dried cranberries...but nothing slimy or liquidy like dressing can touch my veggies!)

Dear readers, what are your food quirks? :)


BikerPuppy said...

If the oil starts to separate out from a sauce (like Italian dishes) and pools on the plate, I'm done! Gross!!

Bridgete said...

I don't like food that is filled with stuff...such as jelly/cream filled donuts, Twinkies, etc. I also don't like whipped cream, I think it tastes weird. I scrape it off my desserts at restaurants, or, if I think about it, ask for it without. It's only okay if it's necessary for the texture of a dessert, such as making chocolate mousse, because then it's mixed in with so much other stuff that I can't taste the grossness. ;)

By the way, I know a couple people who don't like salad dressing. One of them also doesn't like condiments in general...except BBQ sauce. So you're not that weird...unless I just have weird friends. =)


@ BikerPuppy: Oh, ew! Yeah, I can't blame you for not wanting to eat any dish where that was goin' on!


@ Brdgete: I hear ya. I actually CAN'T eat a lot of foods like that because I'm allergic to cream, so I always have to avoid those foods, too. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who turns her nose up at salad dressings! At least if I'm weird, I'm not weird *alone*, haha.

LadyStyx said...

There isn't room here to go into my food quirks. I do believe I have a post somewhere in my account that detail exactly how picky I really am.


@ LadyStyx: At least you know you're not alone in your pickiness! :)