Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TO/TOO/TWO TUESDAY for August 25, 2009

Am I still on a bit of a baseball high after this weekend? You bet your ass I am. Which means I've gotta do a baseball-related RPI post today. But don't worry, even you non-baseball fans will be amused by the error featured in this post.

A couple weeks ago, there was
a little fight between guys on the Red Sox and Tigers. A couple players were suspended for being in the fight. CRANE, who sent in this photo, says, "I like rolls as much as the next guy, but I don't think there were any in the game..."

I'm guessing they should have been suspended for their roles in the fight, not for their rolls (this wasn't a food fight!)...

CRANE, for spotting this funny mistake!


LadyStyx said...

That'll teach them to use hardtack in a food fight!



April said...

This person probably walks into polls all the time, too.

Just sayin'