Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TO/TOO/TWO TUESDAY for August 18, 2009

OK, I have to admit that I'm persnickety enough to be a wee bit bothered by the lack of agreement going on in this headline (how about "For tattooed stars, their bodies are their canvases" or "For a tattooed star, her body is her canvas"?).

But I'm even more annoyed about the homonym error in the headline. Canvass does not mean the same thing as canvas. This is a rookie mistake from the website of a newspaper whose employees should be savvy enough to know better.

I don't have any ink, but if I did, I'd have tattoos of my sun sign (Aquarius) and moon sign (Scorpio)--one on the back of each shoulder, very small. Or possibly two little fang marks on my wrist (because having them on my neck would be way too tough to cover up), haha. What about you? Got tattoos? Want tattoos? Tell me about 'em!


Bridgete said...

I have Tigger on my lower back. It looks like this, but the butterfly is blue and purple. And there's the Chinese character for chi (energy) between his tail and his back. =)


That sounds absolutely adorable!

April said...

I don't have any tattoos. It's something I keep saying I'm going to do but I haven't settled on what I want so I've never gotten around to it.

Hey, I'm an Aquarius too. No wonder I like you. :)


*Yay* for fellow Aquarians--no wonder we get along! :) Are you a January Aquarius or a February one?

Ahhh...see, I've always known what kind of tattoos I'd want, but I'm allergic to so many things that I fear I'd also be allergic to tattoo ink. So I've avoided getting any tattoos because I don't want to deal with some sort of crazy allergic reaction.

April said...

February 5th - you?

I'm not really into astrology but I am always fascinated when I discover that someone is my star sign. It certainly seems like we always have a lot in common.

I'll admit to not understanding the moon sign thing, though.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I am just popping in to say that you can use my "vegetarian sandwich" picture from my baseball blog.

Also, love Garrett Jones so much!!! I have like a zillion shots of him but I thought it would seem a little suspicious and/or like favoritism so I withheld those :)

I would love to check out the Phillies and the park on my next trip out east.


@ April: January 27. :)

The moon sign stuff is really interesting--in fact, people are often just as much like their moon sign as they are their sun sign. For years, people who were into astrology swore up and down I was really a Scorpio...now I know why they thought that!

Here's what looks to be a good moon sign calculator if you want to figure out what yours is:


@ Baseball_Lipgloss: Yay! Thanks so much!

Hahahaha...well, I'm sure there's worse guys to show favoritism to than Jones! ;)

LadyStyx said...

Nope, no ink on this lady. Hubby has a dragon on his arm though. If I did allow them to bring a needle to me in such a fashion (I hate needles),I think I'd want a Phoenix on one of my shoulders.

David said...

I would like to have a tat or two and I have a few ideas of what I would like. I'm just too afraid I will get sick of it and be stuck with it for life.


@ LadyStyx: Brave hubby you've got there! I like your tattoo idea, by the way--very rich in symbolism!


@ David: I understand...this is definitely NOT the sort of thing from which you want to suffer buyer's remorse!