Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who's this "Hallday" dude?

The trade deadline is tomorrow, and as I write this post, Halladay (that's Halladay, not Hallday) is still with the Jays.

I like Halladay--when the Phillies were looking to trade for him, I was thrilled. But now that they've acquired the totally BILFalicious Cliff Lee, it means they're probably not still interested in pursuing Halladay. That's a good thing--because right now we no longer need another pitcher, and because we would have had to give up too many good prospects and one good pitcher to get Halladay (the Lee deal really was much better).

That being said, if Halladay does get traded, I hope for the Phillies' sake that he goes to some team they hardly play. I'm hearing that the Dodgers are interested in him, and dammit, the Dodgers are good enough already (not only that, but if it ends up being Phillies vs. Dodgers in the National League championship again this year, I don't want to see freakin' Halladay in their rotation, because he's awesome and he could do some damage against my boys).

I'm kinda interested to see exactly where Halladay might go. There's been so much build-up about him probably being traded, but we're getting close to the deadline, and now I'm kinda wondering if he'll even be traded at all... (I'll feel bad for him if he stays with the Jays, since they're not in contention this year, but still. STAY AWAY FROM THE TEAMS THAT THE PHILLIES REGULARLY PLAY, HALLADAY. I'll like you much better if you stay in the AL...)

Thanks to PAT at FanIQ for spotting this misspelling! (By the way, if you're a sports fan, and you haven't checked out FanIQ, you really need to go check it out. Like, NOW.)


LadyStyx said...

To think, that's one of the easier last names out there. Oh granted it's not like my maiden name nor my married name (can't really screw THEM up) but it's definitely not as bad as some that I encountered while working for a school in Lousiana. We had the Frerichmanns, the Udenkwos (and their FIRST names were just as hard to spell AND pronounce... they were Nigerians)and that's just a couple of the harder ones. Then there were some of the kids I graduated high school with... Wjinhoven (in his defense, he was a foreign exchange student),Cwikla, and Stojanov (the last 2 were native to the area).


Wow! Those are awesome last names...kudos to you for being able to spell them all! :)