Tuesday, July 7, 2009

These baseball writers have struck out when it comes to spelling things correctly...

In honor of the Phillies' 22-1 win against the Reds last night (which came on the heels of the Phillies sweeping the Mets this past weekend), today's post is a baseball-themed post that doesn't contain any Phillies-related errors. I'll poke fun at bad grammar relating to other teams, for once (not that I ever aim to make fun of Phillies-related bad grammar, but since I read so many Phillies-related things, it just sorta happens that way, you know?).

I was catching up on some Cubs news the other day. The good news was that I discovered that this Micah Hoffpauir dude is pretty cute. The bad news is, whoever wrote this blurb doesn't know how to spell "launched."

Also, what are these things called "strikouts"? I know that, for instance, Cole Hamels had a lot of strikeouts tonight against the Reds (which is reason #1,973,264 why Cole Hamels rocks). But this Nolasco guy on the Marlins only gets strikouts. What gives?

I'm hoping that the Phillies still have some runs left in 'em for the rest of this week and that they didn't blow their run load Monday night. With Florida sneaking up behind the Phillies, they've gotta keep those wins coming in order to stay in first place in the NL East. Let's go, Fightin' Phils!


David said...

I guess they symbolically struck out the e to emphasize the importance of all his strikeouts.

But what do I know - I find baseball on TV to be as boring as watching grass grow.



Yeah, I know a lot of people who find watching baseball on TV to be really, really boring. Not me, though. I could watch ANY baseball game--doesn't matter which teams--and become engrossed in it. There's always something there to hold my interest--whether it's scoping out new players to try to get for my fantasy baseball teams, ogling the attractive baseball players, rooting hardcore for a team (Phillies, Twins) or hardcore AGAINST a team (Mets and, right now, Marlins), or just watching because of nothing more than a love for the game of baseball.

This, by the way, is also my excuse for why I've not been writing as much as I should be lately. I think I'll be much more efficient once October rolls around and the World Series is over...