Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looks like these folks offer grammar problems alongside their web solutions...

I love it when I open up my e-mail to find a gem like this waiting for me, just asking to be posted here.

Even funnier than the bits and pieces of Engrish inserted into this e-mail is the fact that the sender is actually wondering why we haven't gotten back to them yet about their "website solution." It's because I'M THE WEBMASTER. We already have a web solution in my department, and that solution is me. And this solution likes having a paycheck (can't buy any more Betsey handbags without it, you know?), so she is not going to suggest to management that she's found a better website solution for the department.

Wait a sec, though... It would be kinda funny if I mentioned to my supervisor that we could have a new "web solution" if we really wanted one. I could take that opportunity to offer up my services as a "spelling solution" or a "grammar solution." Or, even better, a "snark solution." ;)


LadyStyx said...

Maybe your answer back to them would be a link to the Dummies pages with a recommendation to get the following books:


And then to resubmit their request, properly spelled and grammatically correct, in triplicate.


LOL! LadyStyx, you're awesome. I bring the snark, and then you *prolong* the snark! :)

Yvie said...

Oh God. It's like reading an email from my boss when he's in a hurry.