Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time after time...

My friend PETER sent me the above picture. And since he explains this picture so eloquently, I'm gonna share his commentary with you. PETER says:

The software business can be awfully strange. How I found this program is a boring story; the comical dialog box is as far as I peeked into it.

The program converts Powerpoint files into PDF documents. Never mind that Powerpoint itself lets you save its files as PDF documents. Never mind that if you don't have Powerpoint, or you don't like the terrible job it does with the conversion, you can use OpenOffice to do it better, and for free.

What you don't get with either Powerpoint or OpenOffice is this entertaining dialog, which you can enjoy even before paying $49.95 for a program cleverly named, "Convert PPT to PDF for Powerpoint!" It promises that your PDF document will be professional-quality and popular, two points not mentioned by Microsoft or Sun.

The trial version converts only the first page of the document, which doesn't tell you much about the quality of a slideshow conversion. But it's good for a period of 30 times. How long is a time? I guess that's up to the evaluator.

Somehow I suspect the person who created the text for this dialog box speaks better Engrish than English. That person gave it a good shot, although some things must still be lost in translation for whoever wrote this. I do like how this program's dialog box promises that your PDFs will be popular, though. Now that's exciting!

Thanks, PETER, for spotting this one!


LadyStyx said...

I suspect you're right on the Engrish.

Tim said...

Thanks Nikki...I enjoyed this.
People constantly criticized for my lack of techno-savy, so I always enjoy it when it when the techs are unintelligible even to themselves.
I like you're writing and look forward to reading your book.

Tim said...

I posted a comment but it wouldn't save it.


@ LadyStyx: Yeah, that dude totally gets an A in Engrish! In English, though...not so much! :)


@ Tim: Looks like Blogger WAS working for you! :) Yay! Glad you're enjoying my writing!

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke since Tim spells "your" wrong and is not told about it?


Tim is a friend of mine and, since I know that he knows better, I don't wish to correct him. Everyone has lapses on occasion. I do, too. :)

I'm generally good about suppressing that dreaded urge to correct...about 99% of the time, at least. Otherwise, I'd have far fewer friends than I currently have.