Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obviously someone didn't fare too well on spelling tests...

So JENNA wrote to me a couple weeks ago. She said: So, I'm watching Jon Stewart last night and he was talking about the mindless overkill of the press coverage of the first hundred days of Obama's presidency, and makes fun of the spelling error on one of the pop-ups.

Not only was she kind enough to send along a picture of the error in question (obviously, it should be fared), but she also sent along a link to the video clip of Stewart mocking the misspelling. Click here to check it out!

Thanks, JENNA, for finding this funny mistake!


Bridgete said...

It looks like it's referring to the President's behavior at a fair.


Ha! Yeah, it does. :)

jblue said...

Hey, no fair - The Daily Show's writers aren't to blame. Stewart was mocking the misspelling of a different program.


Ha! Nice pun, jblue. ;) And thanks for the tip; I've edited the title of the post to reflect that.

LadyStyx said...

That was freakin awesome!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that was fun. Butt it wood have pleased me too here Stewart call it a homophone, rather than a homonym.

Am Eye being two pedantic?


Very punny!

Jenna said...


I feel honored to make it on your blog not once, but TWICE!

I have also decided to go on a facebook status rampage. I am so sick and tired of the incorrect POV shift on statuses. (Stati? s/p?) Anyways, I have become a rabid vigilante. If we have become a lazy social networking society, by God you will know the difference between 3rd person omniscient and first person.

**end rant**


You're welcome, Jenna! Thanks again for the great find. :)

Here's my stance on Facebook statuses. I format mine in one of two ways. If I want to mention that I'm screaming at the baseball game on TV, I'll write "is screaming at the baseball game on TV" so that when you see that to the right of my name, it reads like a grammatically correct sentence (I refuse to say just "screaming at the baseball game" or "I am screaming at the baseball game" knowing that my name will show up to the left of whatever I write, and those options will look screwy).

The other thing I'll do (especially if I am quoting song lyrics in my status) is attempt to separate what I'm writing from my name by using an ellipsis (for some reason, this seems acceptable to me even if I'm starting off what I'm writing with "I"). For example:

THE GRAMMARPHILE ..."I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me?"


THE GRAMMARPHILE ...I am SO HOT for Cole Hamels right now.


THE GRAMMARPHILE ...Joe Mauer is the most beautiful man on earth!

(I'm not sure if the second way I format my statuses is technically right, but if I *really* feel like I want to make an "I" statement, that's what I'll do. And yeah, it frustrates the hell out of me, too, when people list screwily written, the-agreement-has-totally-gone-out-the-window statuses.)