Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is this crazy misspelling just a stunt to attract attention, too...?

If you haven't seen the hilarious bit that happened at the MTV Awards over the weekend, you might wanna click here to check it out (warning: may not be safe for work for some of you!). Of course, almost as entertaining as this Bruno/Eminem video is the way this writer misspelled "whether."

MELODY, who found this error, asks, "If you combine the two spellings [weather/whether], doesn't that guarantee that it will be misspelled?" Yeah, pretty much!

Thanks, MELODY, for finding this one!


Bruno said...

Eminem, you're so silly. Just because you don't want to melt in my mouth doesn't mean you can just walk off like you're not interested. Just remember sweetie, I have a lap dance with your name on it.


Apparently both Borat AND Bruno visit this blog. I feel so honored!

LadyStyx said...

Maybe they were hoping that we were so distracted by the event that we wouldn't notice the typo?


That may work on some people, but not on the people who read this blog! :)