Friday, June 5, 2009

FOODIE FRIDAY for June 5, 2009

I know this is supposed to be a Foodie Friday post, but screw the food today. I'm all about Drinky Friday. Tonight I'm probably gonna have a couple drinks while I work on my writing, 'cause somehow alcohol tends to make novel-writing easier, especially when the novel's a little on the twisted side. (My beverage of choice will probably be one or two of the Smirnoff Ices--grape-flavored, I think--in the fridge. I prefer to write while drinking red wine, but I write by myself, and I'm completely effin' lousy at using a corkscrew. Sigh.)

Anyway, after reading through this article that JUSTIN sent me, I really do need a drink. An apostrophe catastrophe, a homonym error, and a misspelling all within the same brief article? Yikes! Was the person who wrote the article drunk, or do I just need to be drunk to survive having to read all these mistakes at once?

Thanks, JUSTIN, for finding this one. Happy Foodie--or Drinky--Friday, everyone! :)


Bridgete said...

Haha, I need a drink after reading that. But it's 8:30 am, I'll hold off.

As for your corkscrew problem, have you tried the ones that have the two things on either side? I have no idea if they have a special name, but they look like this. Anyway, the two things on the side come up as you screw it in and then you just push down on both at the same time and the leverage lifts the cork out with hardly any effort from you. It's the only corkscrew I can use.

David said...

Maybe his food store has the beverages stacked on a free-standing octagonal island of product near the the check-out stations instead of merely being on the shelf in an aisle. It could happen with modern merchandising. OK, it is probably not happening other than maybe somewhere in an alternate universe.


Ceiling Cat said...

Teh Grocery Isles is a land of many misspellings where you cans find cheez burgers as far as teh eye can see.


@ Bridgete: Ooh, thanks for the tip! That seems easier to use than a regular corkscrew. :)


@ David: Ha! (Do they spell better in that alternate universe? If so, I wanna go live there...)


@ Ceiling Cat: Better watch out--I hear Basement Cat is in your land of misspellings, stealin' your cheezburgers! :)

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit! Your blog is hilarious!

If you ever happen to make it to Minnesota we'll get you hooked up with a game!

Justin Morneau is all kinds of awesome!


You're quite welcome! :) I love your blog (I found it through K-Bro's blog), and I'm glad you're amused by my blog, too.

I totally want to plan a trip to MN sometime...I really wanna go out there for at least a game or two at some point and see the Twins at home. I saw my first Twins game in person a few weeks ago when they came to Yankee Stadium...I was sad 'cause the Yankees beat 'em. :( There were like a dozen Twins fan there...we were severely outnumbered, haha.

Morneau and Mauer are AMAZING. So talented...and so easy on the eyes! It's almost unfair that the Twins have so many attractive ballplayers on their team (I've counted 9 so far), haha...but I'm not complaining! :)