Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's an apostrophe thing. You wouldn't understand.

PETER, who sent in this amusing error, asks, "Wasn't there a horror movie called The Thing?" As best I can recall, there was. The movie came out at the end of September 2008, and the "Thing" in question, the star of the horror movie, was quite obviously the Mets' bullpen... ;)

PETER also notes: The Mets are trying to lead the league in apostrophes. I say, if they allow my Phillies to have the NL East title this year (again!), my boys in red and white pinstripes will surely be happy to allow the Mets to keep leading the league in apostrophes. I think that's a fair deal, don't you?

Thanks, PETER, for spotting this funny error!


Finchstalker said...

I'm not quite awake at the moment, so maybe when I do properly wake up I'll catch on, but I don't see the error... I always understood it to be "First thing is first," with "thing's" being a contraction of "thing" and "is."

I'll be totally embarrassed if it turns out I've been wrong about that for so long. :)


Hey, Finchstalker! The expression is actually "first things first." You can find out more by clicking here. :)

Peter said...

Finchstalker, at least you know what an apostrophe is supposed to do. I'm betting this was a simple case of, "See the s, hit the apostrophe key."