Thursday, May 7, 2009


OK, the theme of this post is: WTF? Last night's episode was crazy. I still can't wrap my mind around it all--so much happened, and so much is going to happen in next week's 2-hour season finale.

We got to see a lot of Richard Alpert in this episode--in 1997 and in 2004. (Not surprisingly, he still looked the same in each time period.) I really want to know more about him. Specifically, I want to know how exactly he can be an "advisor," as Ben called him, yet he seems to never really be able to make any decisions. He advises, sure, but he also is a follower, and ends up helping out in situations in which he's clearly not too enthusiastic about participating. I want a Richard flashback episode, dammit!

We saw Sawyer get the crap kicked out of him (and even Juliet got a little roughed up in this episode), Radzinsky being insane, Horace being a pushover, and Phil looking like his usual creepy self... Despite the fact that I'm 100% for Team Skate, I'm starting to feel really, really bad for Juliet. She loves Sawyer, and Sawyer loves her until Kate shows up. And now Kate's on the submarine with Sawyer and Juliet. We saw that sub heading away from the island, but--as evidenced by the previews of next week's finale--I'm sure it won't stay away from the island for long.

Speaking of Kate, she was obviously upset by how Jack so desperately wanted to change everything so that the plane crash never happened, etc, because she didn't see it as a world of misery like he did. Of course, she realizes that had that plane never crashed, she'd never have met Jack, and so she's pretty insulted when he wants to erase everything associated with life post-plane crash. Kate's trying to storm off, almost getting shot by some hostile, when who comes out of the shrubbery to save her? Sayid! I've missed him! It's good to see him around again.

So Jack, Sayid, 1977 Richard, and 1977 Eloise are trying to deal with Jughead, the hydrogen bomb, in the temple (that sounds like part of a game of Clue--it was Eloise, in the temple, using Jughead!). Meanwhile, 2007 Richard Alpert's galavanting around with Locke and Ben. We see (from a little bit of a different perspective) Richard pull the bullet out of Locke's leg, and we know that Locke has given Richard his compass back. All this while the new, slightly creepy Locke is standing there watching! Locke seems to be confident he knows what's going on, but the ever-unshakable Ben actually looks scared. When Richard confides to Ben that he's fraid Locke's gonna stir up trouble, Ben admits that that's why he tried to kill Locke. Richard didn't seem entirely surprised by that.

And now Locke's leading the entirety of the Hostiles to see Jacob. (Personally, I love how anarchist Locke got all of a sudden, how he thinks that the group shouldn't be taking orders from someone they've never even seen. Awesome.) And Locke plans to kill Jacob. And Ben seems really, really worried...

So what will happen to make the sub go back to the island? Will Sun and Jin ever reunite? What was Richard talking about when he said he saw the folks in the 1977 Dharma picture all die? What's gonna happen with Jughead? What happens with Dr. Chang, who eventually realized Miles was his son and also eventually believed that Faraday (RIP!) had been telling the truth? Will crazy Radzinsky and compan y come after the Hostiles? What will Jacob be like? Can Jacob even be killed? What the HELL lies in the shadow of the statue (they STILL haven't answered that riddle yet)? Ben always has a plan--what tricks does he have up his sleeve? If "dead is dead," then what is this new version of Locke? Is he a good entity or a not-so-good one? How will Desmond tie back into everything that's going on? Will Sawyer still have Juliet's back, or will he become closer to Kate again? And lastly, who, if anyone, do you think will not make it out of season 5 alive?


April said...

I can't wrap my head around it either. That's an episode I'm probably going to be watching again before next week's finale. Which... :(

I hate when Lost ends.

Kate is taking it personally that Jack wants to erase the last three years while Jack isn't looking at it that way - he wants to be the hero that brings back all the people they lost. The more things change the more they stay the same.

I usually find it really difficult to hate characters on a TV show but find it quite easy to hate Radzinsky and Phil. Radzinsky for being a power hungry monster and Phil - well he's just a whiny little shit. Both of them to die now, please?

Locke is going to find Jacob so he can kill him? WTF?

More Richard story, please!


I agree--Radzinsky and Phil are really freakin' annoying. I kinda hope they die in a fun and interesting way. :) (Don't we sorta know how Radzinsky dies? Did Desmond say that Radzinsky shot himself in the Hatch? Or was that a lie?)

Indeed...MORE RICHARD!!! :)

April said...

Yes, that's right. Desmond does say that Radzinsky shoots himself. Which is sad and tragic but good riddance.


Good riddance, indeed...freakin' kook! :)

Andrew said...

Exciting week! Can't wait for the 2 part finale!!!

I doubt we'll see any real Richard back story other than what we've seen already. Frankly, I don't think he's human, so he may not have a backstory. Although, he may be a Highlander....

Kate is soooo dramatic. Get over it Kate. Jack is trying to fix things like he's always tried to do.

I think Jack is somehow going to be part of the "purge" from the killing side of it all.

Chang is going to die trying to save the rest of the people. Miles will see it and Chang will die knowing that his son grows up to respect him.

Radzinsky, who is sooooooo obsessed with the Swan, will be down there pushing a button every 108 minutes to save the world while the rest of the people above ground are being massacred by the hostiles. He won't every come out because he's gotta push the button.

Jack ultimately won't change anything. He can't. No one can. What happened, happened. Faraday was right. You can only fulfill your own destiny, not change it.

Sawyer and Juliet will get back to LA, buy 49% of Microsoft, and retire to the Hills. But seriously, they're not going anywhere. Duh. The sub won't make it very far.

Oh, and Phil will die. Probably at the hands of Juliet or Sawyer. Or Sayid. He likes to kill people.

Locke won't kill Jacob. In fact, he'll find out that Jacob is not real. Or is that just what he hopes to do? Really, he'll find out just how real Jacob is who will use his powers to blow up the whole island, negating anything the Dharmas or the Hostiles were trying to do anyway.

End of story. End of show.

Ha, just kidding. Love the show and can't wait for the next installment!

michael said...

I think Richard said he watched them all die because in the (original) time line, DI was wiped out by hostiles using the gas from the Hydra. But that happened when Ben was much maybe things have changed. I don't know. But I'm really excited now.

I've been thinking, especially with this last episode, that Richard IS Jacob, to the extent that they are "both" representatives of the island. And Throw Smokey in there for good measure. This sort of goes along with Ben's ignorance of the island, and also with Richard's worries. If this is true, it will be fun when John tries to kill him!

I have a feeling that no matter how intense and cliff-hangy (deal with it) the finale gets, the Bomb won't go off, and not much will change, because nothing has changed in 2007. Things would have changed as soon as the characters in 1977 decided to change things then, not when we see them physically change. It's like Bill and Ted "remembering" a trash can, keys, et c.

And yes, I just referenced Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure in a serious time-travel note.


@ Andrew: Having to wait a week to see how the season wraps up totally sucks! I want to know NOW, dammit! :)

I'm convinced we'll have a Richard flashback. That would be the easiest and most concise way of answering all those pesky questions about the island's history.

I agree with Kate on this one. I don't think Jack knows what he's doing. He thinks he does, but I don't think he REALLY does.

I like your theory on Chang. I bet his storyline will play out pretty much like how you said it would.

I hope Phil dies. He's really annoying. If Smokey ever needs a sacrifice, I vote for Phil...


@ Michael: I always wondered if Richard is Jacob, too. But here's the thing. Locke is acting as if he's seen Jacob. If he has really seem Jacob, then he'd know that Jacob = Richard. He already knows where Richard is, so he wouldn't need to lead an entire group of people to go FIND Jacob. Right? And if he wanted to kill Jacob, and Jacob = Richard, would he really admit this in front of Richard?

But then again, if Richard = Jacob, you're right--it WILL be fun to see Locke try to kill him. (I really hope nobody kills Richard, though. The fact that he's lasted such a long time on that island without being killed makes me wonder if he's unkillable...)

I, too, doubt the bomb will go off. I'm interested in seeing what sort of chaos Jack creates while trying to be a hero, though...

Phrank said...

does anything else think that there is some kind of a connection with Christian and Jacob? There ahve been two times that they have been to Jacob's house and you've seen him there.

I only watched last week's episode before last nights episode so I'm a little behind but I can't believe that Frradah is dead?!?! I liked his character so much!

BikerPuppy said...

I don't think Richard is Jacob, because we briefly saw Jacob in the cabin. They never explained that circle of ash or dust that circled Jacob's cabin -- presumably to keep him in or keep something out. And why does Jacob need help? (Remember his words to Locke?) If they can take orders/direction from him, why hasn't he asked for help from someone other than Locke? Maybe because Richard is using him to control the people, acting as an "advisor" when he's actually in charge? I love how they explained how Eloise "knows" everything that's going to happen. As for Kate, if I were her, I wouldn't be too excited about going back to the original timeline either. Remember, she was headed for trial and prison.


@ Phrank: I definitely think there's a connection between Christian and Jacob. I feel like Christian's some sort of spirit guide to those who need help or have died. I strongly feel like something big will eventually happen with Christian, Jack, and Locke (remember how Locke was wearing Christian's shoes when he got back to the island?), but probably not until season 6.

I really liked Faraday, too. As sad as I am to see him dead, I'm glad they didn't miraculously resurrect him somehow. If they were to bring back EVERYONE who died, it'd be a total cop-out. But I got sad every time we saw his dead body last night... :(


@ BikerPuppy: Ooh, you're bringing up some great questions! I wonder if Jacob was asking for help because he knew someone was eventually going to try to kill him...

I've always wondered about the ash, too. To me, it signifies something about to be reborn--ie, the phoenix that rises from the ashes...

michael said...

@Phrank: Christian is like Jacob and Smokey, in that they are all representatives of the island and the island's will. Christian is the "angel of death" in this scenario. The way I see it, Richard is not Jacob physically, but they are representative of the same thing.

@BikerPuppy: I did forget about Jacob's words to Locke, though. I don't think that just because Locke "saw" Jacob in the cabin it means that he can't be tied to Richard (remember all of the other apparitions Smokey has created?) I wonder if he was asking for help getting rid of people like Charles Widmore and Ben Linus, who weren't serving his will like they claimed.

@Andrew: I don't know if the "what ever happened, happened" rule is still valid. Like Miles said, Faraday hadn't been wrong, and he himself figured out that they were "variables." Granted, we haven't seen a lot of proof either way, because of the shifty nature of time travel. In a large perspective, it is true that whatever happened, happened. But if you look at it from the 1977 perspective, it hasn't happened yet. Whatever happens in 1977 will of course already happened by 2007! Whatever happened, happened applies to traveling back in time to intentionally change something. The paradox there goes that if you go back to change it, it never happens, so you never go back to change it, making it seemingly impossible. Jack, Sawyer, Kate, et al. can incidentally change things, because they did not go back in time on purpose. But if they attempt to change elements that MADE them time travel, like the Bomb, all space-time Hell will break loose.

It's going to be a LOOOONG break until next season!

michael said...

So it occurred to me today that JJ himself has been steering his fans in a certain direction of the time travel argument. In last week's Fringe, one of the characters was going on about how he was Spock, and I laughed because JJ was getting free advertising for his Star Trek movie (which was awesome, but beside the point). What I didn't think of, though, was in that same episode one of the "fringe" science subjects was the existence of alternate or parallel universes, created at moments in time when a decision is made. For instance, if you decide to turn right at an intersection, another universe exists, no matter how trivial, where you turn left. Obviously some are more consequential. But this theory of space-time suggests that JJ does not subscribe to the linear time line, so "whatever happened, happened" goes out the window.

Hopefully this epiphany does not get rendered moot by the finale, but I thought I'd share.


Also, some of this may or may not be corroborated in his movie.


Ooh, that's some really interesting stuff. Thanks, Michael! I haven't seen the new Star Trek movie, and I haven't watched Fringe (although I probably should--I've heard it's great), so I didn't know about any of this 'til you mentioned it. But I agree--JJ doesn't stick to a linear timeline. Which, of course, adds to the coolness AND the confusion of Lost! :)

I have heard that the time-travel stuff stops at the end of Season 5. Which then begs the question--what the HELL will Season 6 focus on?