Friday, May 29, 2009

FOODIE FRIDAY for May 29, 2009

BESSE, one of my friends and fellow grammarians from my college days, is lucky enough to be in England. (England is home to two of my very favorite things: Muse and Refreshers candies. It's also very close to the top of my list of Places I Must Eventually Visit. As much as I love the New York metro area, I am damn jealous of your location, Besse!)

Anyway, so Besse found this takeout menu for a pizza place in her area. Since it's early and I'm in a lazy mood, and since Besse did such a fantastic job of talking about the hilarious errors on this menu, I'm going to share her commentary with you. She says:

I've been meaning to send this British takeaway advert to you for your Red Pen site. (The place calls itself "Mr. Pizza" on its advertising, but that's not what's on the side of the building, which is the first clue that it's sketchy. This flyer is the second. The food is the third.) There's so much wrong with it that it's hard to decide where to begin...

The area of Norwich where it's located is called The Golden Triangle. Not "Golden The Triangle."

"Pizzas" obviously doesn't need a possessive apostrophe.

"No allowed" should be "not allowed."

"Get on 1 free" just sounds dirty.

When did large get an extra "L" in it as suggested by the abbreviation "lrgl"?

"Sea Food" vs. "Seafood"

The reverse side of the flyer has "colaslow" listed several times instead of "coleslaw."

I'm sure you can find more... Plus, Brits put sweetcorn on their pizza. That's just "wrong" in general.

Besse also notes that "In the defense of this pizza place, I don't think English is the owner's first language." Yeah, I would truly hope English isn't this guy's first language. If he's a non-native English speaker, these mistakes are a lot more understandable than they would be if English is actually his first language!

Thanks, BESSE, for finding this amusing menu for us to enjoy! Happy Friday, everyone. :)


April said...

I have a couple dear friends who are in England and I've heard the sweetcorn thing before which is totally bizarre. But people think I'm weird 'cause one of my faves is bacon & pineapple. If I'm ever there- and I do intend to be one day very soon- I will have to try the pizza with sweetcorn. I really have never met a *bad* pizza.

Phrank said...

"Get on 1 Free" is my favorite!


@ April: I haven't tried bacon and pineapple, but I love ham and pineapple on pizza! My friends think I'm weird for liking that, but whatever. I will have to substitute bacon for the ham sometime; that sounds delicious! :)


@ Phrank: Yeah, I think I like that mistake the best, too!

Larisa said...

Do the print-shop people never proofread? I would think they'd call up and say "What is this?" I think printers need to be good at Engrish.


That's a great point, Larisa. If the printer sees these mistakes, he really should point them out to the client and ask the client if he wants to submit a corrected version for printing.

Bridgete said...

I may have to try the bacon and pineapple too. I love pepperoni and pineapple. Others have been skeptical, but they have since seen the light. =)

And "get on 1 free" is my favorite too.


Pepperoni and pineapple? That sounds good, too! Man, I'm getting hungry for pizza now... :)

LadyStyx said...

"Get on 1 free" just sounds dirty.LOL! It was also the first thing I noticed and I didnt see many other errors because my mind so went there and got stuck. Oh hell, who am I kidding? My mind's ALWAYS there. It would need a cherry-picker to be able to SEE out of the gutter. Nevermind getting OUT of it!


LadyStyx, I'm always grateful to you for keeping me and my mind company in the gutter. :)