Sunday, May 24, 2009

A baseball-related catastrophe!

OK, I called it a baseball-related catastrophe in the title of this post, but really, there are several catastrophes here. There shouldn't be an apostrophe in "MVP's." If you're referring to more than one MVP player, it's just MVPs.

It absolutely kills me that this poster, 50% of which is really, really hot (the Hamels half, not the Schmidt half), is spoiled by a giant apostrophe catastrophe. Speaking of Hamels, I'll be at Yankee Stadium today watching Hamels pitch the third and final game in this Phillies/Yankees series. Broken molar be damned, I will still be screaming like crazy for Hamels. Let's go, Phillies!


Bridgete said...

The announcers for the Sox game just mentioned that the Yankees lost, so, woo!

Sox won, by the way. =)

LadyStyx said...

Bad enough when errors are on a website, worse yet when they're printed for distribution.


@ Bridgete: Yay! I was very happy to hear that the Sox won...and I was also very happy to see the Yankees lose! :)


@ LadyStyx: Not only were they printed for distribution, but then they were AUTOGRAPHED! Ugh.