Thursday, April 30, 2009


OK, there are more important things to talk about here than a) Doc Jensen's typos and b) the fact that the show's writers made poor Hurley have bad grammar. (On the other hand, Jorge Garcia's blog is totally awesome and is generally free of bad grammar; click here to check it out!)


I did NOT expect Faraday to go just yet. I really thought, because of the whole sex suit thing and how ABC/Lost seems to have little tolerance for its actors behaving badly, that Desmond would be outta there.

Now, this didn't totally come out of left field for me. I'd always entertained the possibility that Faraday would go. I just didn't think it would be so soon. Nor did I think it would be his own mother who shot him. I had been wondering for a while if Widmore was Faraday's father; tonight, we found out that that's indeed the case. Which makes the whole thing even sadder--for his entire life, Faraday was merely a pawn in this whole crazy scenario, and he was being manipulated by both his parents the entire freakin' time. That's heartbreaking.

So, Eloise Hawking: good character or bad character? It seems like she thinks offing her son was done for the greater good. But does that make her bad...or good?

I loved the scene with Faraday talking to young Charlotte. Adorable. And then, as Faraday was dying, I had to wonder--is the Island finding a way to kill him off because he tried to change the future by doing what he could to save Charlotte?

Also, for a hot moment there, I thought Richard Alpert was the one who got shot. I'm glad to see that that wasn't the case, but you know what? I'm sick of seeing him EVERYWHERE and not knowing squat about him. Richard flashback, anyone? I think that would be fascinating.

Other notes:

* Loved how Juliet just up and gave Kate that code. That's a hell of a way to get Kate away from Sawyer!

* Speaking of Juliet and Sawyer, I'm really interested to see how they get out of the situation with Radzinsky. That doesn't look good. But it does look exciting...

* Yay for Jack actually Doing Something! I was getting bored with him not doing much of anything.

* I wonder why Miles didn't want to tell his father that yes, he really is his son...

* I'm really surprised that Miles has outlasted Faraday on the show. I like Miles, but I thought Faraday would outlive him simply because Faraday seemed more important to the show.

* Anyone else getting confused by the timetable of all this stuff? So Faraday, who was alive and on the island in 2007, then shows up on the island in 1977, where he proceeds to die. But somewhere between those two times, he manages to graduate college and be given that journal from his mother. Huh? Help, anyone?

What were your thoughts on last night's episode? Were you surprised to see Faraday go? What do you think next week's episode will bring? What other major death(s) do you think might happen in the remaining 2 episodes of this season? Talk to me in the Comments section!


April said...

When Faraday was telling Jack and Kate about the variables and came to the conclusion that if he could do this, their plane would never have crashed and they'd land in LA as planned, my mind took like 30 seconds to process that and then I just said "WHOA!" really loudly to an empty room. My children are convinced I'm crazy, I'm sure. :)

So for a few minutes there it seemed as if Daniel was telling us he was wrong and that whatever happened, happened isn't necessarily true. Then, he got shot in the back. The island self-correcting? I think the fact that the moment he stopped being a reliable narrator he was shot, is more proof that whatever happened, happened.

If he really is dead, though, man that's tragic. I love him. :(


Yeah, I was pretty floored by that very same moment! At the same time, I knew that SOMETHING had to foul up, considering that we know for a fact that the Hatch WAS built and DID bring down the plane and that's a lot of the reason why Jack, Kate, and Faraday were there on the island at that very moment trying back and FIX that moment? (Ugh, brain's about to explode...)

michael said...

For your timetable question, it's a matter of relative presents - 1977 is the present for Faraday, Jack, et al., but the "past" for characters like Ben, Eloise, and little Charlotte, who didn't travel back in time. What happens to Faraday in 1977 does not affect 2007, because 2007 already happened for them. This means that any thing that happened in a flashback also already happened for them.

Like Faraday told Jack, they can still die (curse JJ and his forshadowing!) because it is the present for them. Ben couldn't die, and I think that event is proof of the "whatever happened, happened" theory,at least on the self-correcting Island. Things work differently for Desmond, because he had that episode in two different time frames and Faraday recognized that it works differently for him.

This is the major paradox in time travel theory: if you go back in time to change something in the past, then it will not happen in your present day, i.e. the point in time that you jumped backwards. If it never happens, then you never go back in time to stop it from happening, and thus whatever outcome you forced into being by time traveling could not happen. Theoretically. Back to the Future Part II addressed this quite well by using the "alternate, parallel" timeline theory. Hope all of this makes sense!

My question, though, is who was the "nurse" who would look after Penny's son? Warning bells started going off in my head, especially when Eloise stayed back, too. I don't think it's all taken care of for Penny and Desmond, or this show has made me paranoid. Which is very possible.

MarieC said...

WAIT--there's only two more episodes this season???? Nooooo!

Ranielle said...

I am totally torn up that they killed Faraday. I want Richard to work his freaking magic, dammit!

And, yes, speaking of Richard, I'm with you, Nikki. Even if the final scene in the final episode of the entire show is a shot of never-aging Richard Alpert playing some elaborate game of Island chess with an alien, they better give us something! I'm sick of not knowing anything about this guy, except that he's everywhere and he never, ever ages.

If looks could kill... Sawyer would have been badly wounded by Juliet when he called Kate "Freckles". Looks like Juliet's ready to fight for her man, though. As much as I am on Team Kate, I gotta admit, Kate never did a lot of fighting for Sawyer. And, dammit, he's a man worth fighting for!

My theory on Miles is that he caught on to the fact that perhaps Faraday's crazy talk was the reason his father sent him off the island with his mother, the reason he grew up never knowing his father. Miles may think that by denying the truth, he can prevent that from happening. My guess is that the good doctor doesn't order an evacuation but can't totally dismiss Faraday's ramblings, so he still ends up sending his wife and son off the island. Hence, Miles didn't change anything.

I find that all of the time I spent watching "QUANTUM LEAP" as a kid helps me with the time travel confusion. If you think of Faraday's life as a string, the end of it might be in the same place as the beginning of it (is "Ellie" pregnant? does she know yet? was Daniel born on the Island?), but there's still about 30 years worth of string in between. His past self doesn't die/suffer/alter when his present self does.


@ Michael: Ahhh, I think I get it now. So we're looking at it as more of an individual person's 2007 or 1977 or whatever, versus the world's 2007 or 1977? (Does that make sense, or am I explaining it stupidly?)

I wonder WHY it works differently for Desmond. Hopefully they'll shed some insight on that...

I'm thinking I *really* need to watch the Back to the Future movies...

I had forgotten all about that "nurse"! Something about that scenario seemed very suspicious. If I were Penny, I would have taken little Charlie with me and not left him with a stranger... It'll be interesting to see if they make anything significant out of that situation.


@ Marie: Unfortunately, yeah--I think we're down to the final 2 episodes of the season! I believe the season finale is 2 hours long, though... :)


@ Ranielle: I know! Why couldn't Richard have taken Faraday to Smokey's temple, too???

I am crazy to know more about Richard Alpert. I want to know more about him AND more about that damn four-toed statue...

I, too, am on Team Kate, but you're right--Juliet seems to have put a lot of effort into keeping Sawyer. With Kate, I think there's more connection and less effort present. But yeah, I *loved* that look that Juliet gave him last night...and Sawyer looked so shocked that she was just giving up the code to Kate... :)

I like your theory on Miles. I think that seems really sound.

Ahhh, I see... Your explanation of the time travel stuff was helpful. I kinda get it a little more now. Thank you! :)

Robin said...

Okay, timeline.

Daniel Faraday was born (based on the actor's age, probably around 1970). As he grew up his mother pushed him away from the music he loved to concentrate on physics (which was dumb because both are based in math, so the music might have helped his creative potential). He got his Ph.D. from Oxford (youngest ever), received grant funding from Charles Widmore (aka his deadbeat dad), and performed some kind of experiment that messed up his memory. When given the chance to go to The Island in 2007, he went at his mother's assertion that it would fix him. Wackiness ensued. Locke did the thing down the well that sent Daniel and several others hopping around in time. They eventually landed in 1977 and got stuck. More wackiness. Daniel was shot and died.

I think where you're getting stuck is the fact that Daniel's linear timeline is not the same as the timeline of the world at large. For him, the events of 1977 happened after the events of 2007. (Well, actually they probably happened twice -- whatever he did when he was a kid, and what we've seen him do as an adult post-time-hopping. Much like Miles and Charlotte.)


@ Robin: OK, that REALLY helped to clarify things for me. I was very confused because analyzing this according to a linear timeline just doesn't work! Thank you for the clarification! :)