Thursday, April 16, 2009


I BET THEIR COPY EDITORS DIED ON OCEANIC 815 is the newest weekly feature on Red Pen, Inc. It's a combination of recapping last night's episode of Lost and mocking some Lost-related bad writing. We can only assume that the publications whose writing is featured here must have had copy editors aboard Oceanic 815, and once the plane crashed and the copy editors died, the cheap-ass publications didn't hire anyone else to replace them...which results in the crappy writing/grammar/spelling found in this feature.

These errors came from a Lost blog posting that's obviously older, but I thought a few of the mistakes shown here were quirky enough to feature...especially that atrocious "good'ole." Ugh! (I've seen good ol' and good ole before, both of which seem fine to use...but why on earth would anyone write good'ole?)

Anyway. I thought last night's episode was AWESOME. I've always been curious about Miles, and I'm glad we got to find out more about him. Some notable moments:

* I dug the white rabbit statue that little Miles picked up to find the key that he used to bust into the apartment of the dead man who was "talking" to him. Reminded me of the numbered Dharma rabbits...and, of course, also made me think of Alice in Wonderland--and there was Miles, falling down the rabbit-hole, into this weird world where he can "hear" dead people.

* Adolescent Miles was a freakin' PUNK! Loved that!

* The Hurley/Miles scenes were fantastic. Hurley and his Star Wars stuff--hilarious! And the tension/dialogue between them...excellent stuff.

* How exactly did Miles know that Pierre Chang was his dad? I didn't catch that... I don't think any of us viewers were surprised that Chang was his father, but how the hell did HE know?

* Regarding the corpse--how and why did that dude's metal filling shoot through his head and out his skull? Some sort of weird side effect to of dealing with the island's electromagnetism?

* The scene with Kate and Roger on the swing set totally reminded me of the scene with Kate and her father...before she blew the bastard up. Roger really seemed to channel Kate's dad there--a drunk who looked like he was about to get mean.

* Man, Jack's not really doing a whole lot these days, is he? And Juliet seems to be doing nothing, too--that's sad, because I do like her character a lot (even though I don't want her to be with Sawyer, dammit...that's Kate's match!).

* We got to see Naomi again. I found some of what she had to say very interesting, particularly when she told Miles that the island had several dead residents on it. Hmmm... It almost seemed like the man she said Widmore wanted to find--which we know to be Ben--was also dead, didn't it? Does that mean that whatever Richard/Smokey do to Ben makes him die...and then come back to life? Is Ben also someone who's dead? Think about it--has he ever seemed particularly nervous about dying? Is that maybe because he knows he can't die (or at least not yet)?

* Who were the guys who dragged Miles into their van? Who hired them? Ben, perhaps (but how is that possible)?

* Ooh, Sawyer got all bad-ass on that really annoying Dharma guy. Sweet. This is gonna be fun to watch. I knew that guy was going to be a pain in the ass.

* I liked the scene where Miles went back to visit the dead boy's father and admitted that he lied to the man. You could tell the stuff Miles said to that man was the stuff he'd wished he could say to his own father.

* Also loved the scene where Miles was watching Chang and Baby Miles through the window. That was really, really touching.

* It also proved that the same person can exist in the same place but in two different bodies and two different ages. The closest we'd come to that sort of thing before was Big Ben on the one island and Little Ben on the main island. But here we saw both Miles just several feet apart...

* Faraday's back! So tell me this--is this 1977 Faraday, coming to the island in 1977 to do his science geek work? Or is this 2007 Faraday somehow getting himself back to 1977? He didn't LOOK like he was any younger, so I'm doubting that this was 1977 Faraday. But if this is 2007 Faraday, how the hell did he get himself on a Dharma sub to the island in 1977?

What'd you think of last night's episode? What do you think is going on with Faraday? And what's going on with Ben? Talk to me in the Comments section! :)


April said...

You *know* I have stuff to say. hehe

Faraday! I have to admit I have such a geeky crush on him. He is adorable! I was so happy to see him emerge from that sub.

So about the rest of the show. There were a lot of little things that seemed to answer some questions but it also left us with new questions. There's that shadow of the statue riddle again. I was wrong about them working for Widmore so who are they working for? I don't think it's Ben. I'm thinking, Dharma?

I loved the humor in this episode. Hurley writing The Empire Strikes Back was just hilarious. I am becoming increasingly fond of Miles/Hurley scenes. They just nail them.

Remember when he told Hurley that 3 days after they arrived in Dharma time his mother got in line behind him in the cafeteria? He said that was his first clue. That's how he knew that Chang is his daddy.

I think that the electromagnetism did pull that filling out the guy's mouth and right through his head. Owww! What a way to go!

I was floored by the realization that adult Miles was living in the same time period as baby Miles. Totally blows my theory out of the water that the reason Sun didn't go back to 1977 with the other group is because she's there as a child. So WHY? I have nothing on that.

I think Faraday's story is going to be interesting. He was with the group that time jumped back to Dharma time on the island and by time the rest of the group got there 3 years later from Flight 316, Sawyer said that Faraday was no longer there. I think he probably took that sub that was offered to the group. The only one that left. How he ended up working for Dharma in Ann Arbor, though? It makes me wonder, when he left the island, did he end up in that time period off-island and then go work for them? Or does his current self find a way to time travel back and gets a job in Ann Arbor so that he could go back to the island? Very curious, indeed.

We also got proof that it was Widmore that staged the fake plane crash when Naomi was testing Miles by having him talk to the dead guy. But no, I don't think she was saying that Ben was dead. I think she just said that he was responsible for a lot of the dead on the island and they wanted to use Miles to talk to those dead people to locate Ben. Only she didn't say Ben but we all know. I'll have to watch that scene again but I didn't get the impression that Ben was dead. It wouldn't make sense for them to go to all that trouble to track down a dead guy, right?


Hi, April! :) I always look forward to your Lost-related comments! :)

I, too, was glad to see our favorite nerd show up. Yay! He's kind of shady, but also kind of endearing. :) And yes, I have a lot of the same Faraday-related questions that you do. I'm looking forward to seeing what else we find out about him and where he's been...

Yes--I forgot all about the "shadow of the statue" riddle! Who WERE those guys? Maybe they're from the Dharma Ann Arbor branch that I keep hearing murmurings about?

I agree--the Miles/Hurley scenes work really, really well. By the way, do you read Jorge Garcia's blog? It's hilarious, and he has the cutest dog ever...

Good call on how Miles knew Chang was his dad--I missed that!

I, too, wonder how and why the same person can exist in the same place in two different ages. I'm baffled...

I liked how we finally got proof that Widmore was behind that plane in the bottom of the ocean. But I'm still not convinced that Naomi wasn't talking about "living" dead people on that island. Naomi referred to "dead residents"--not "dead bodies." I think that distinction seems important. I guess we'll see... :)

April said...

Oh yes, I see what you mean about the dead residents/dead bodies. I hadn't thought of that. Hmmm.

I had a funny deja vu moment reading your reply. :)
(Jorge - cute dog)

Kati M. said...

You know the riddle guy in this episode? That's one of the guys with the guns from the last episode. I figure that they are decendants of (or new members to) the group that was indigenous to the island; the ones that built the temple and the statue.

April said...

At the risk of monopolozing your comment section, I read something interesting earlier regarding Miles that I thought you might find interesting too. There was speculation (no I don't remember which site it was on) that maybe adult Miles and baby Miles are not supposed to be in the same time period but somehow it happened and that maybe this is the incident we keep hearing about. So essentially, Miles grows up without a father, gets on the boat to go to the island where his father died, travels back in time, somehow defies the laws of time travel which causes an incident that forces his daddy to kick baby Miles and mommy off the island to protect them making Miles the reason he didn't have a daddy.

Yea, I know. The mind boggles.


@ April: I love reading comments, especially Lost-related ones, so feel free to chat away! :)

That's a really interesting theory you bring up, about how maybe Miles and Little Miles being in the same place at the same time triggered the big event. Hmmm...I read that there are only 3 more episodes left in the season...they've got some 'splainin' to do about some of this stuff!!! :)


@ Kati: Great observation! I totally didn't notice that until you mentioned it. Man, they're in the fifth season, and they're still making this show MORE complex... :) I love it!

michael said...

I still want to know - WHY ANN ARBOR?? I'm actually writing this from the right in the middle of Michigan's campus, and it's creeping me out. And so are the squirrels, but that's another matter.

I think Faraday took the job in Ann Arbor to learn as much as he could about the DI. Actually, it explains why he was on site for the excavation of the Orchid a while back. What I am really excited to see is him meeting little Charlotte (Staples Lewis, love it!).

I didn't think there was any issue with Miles being there at the same time. Thinking of it in physics terms, anyone born before 1977 exists in that world twice. Relative proximity doesn't really change anything. I think the real issue is if you meet yourself, at an age where the "present" (1977, in this case) you can recognize future you. That would break you mentally, a la the third Harry Potter book. Yeah, I just did that.

I like the theory that the "Statue" people are descendants of the Others, and I would take it a step more and say that they are Others themselves. We saw a few seasons ago that some of the Others are permitted to leave the island and come back when they need to. And having backup strikes me as the sort of thing Ben would do.

One tiny thing bothered me, though - how could the dead guy's filling be magnetized? Amalgam isn't made of iron! I thought JJ knew better than that.


@ Michael: I bet there's a good reason for the "Why Ann Arbor?" question. With Lost, nothing seems random... :)

I like the theory about the "statue" people. I'd forgotten about how some of the Others could have left the island and chosen to come back at a later date. I'm very curious about these folks. I also can't wait to see what Faraday will be up to in the upcoming episodes...