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I BET THEIR COPY EDITORS DIED ON OCEANIC 815 is the newest weekly feature on Red Pen, Inc. It's a combination of recapping last night's episode of Lost and mocking some Lost-related bad writing. We can only assume that the publications whose writing is featured here must have had copy editors aboard Oceanic 815, and once the plane crashed and the copy editors died, the cheap-ass publications didn't hire anyone else to replace them...which results in the crappy writing/grammar/spelling found in this feature.

Thank you to MAGGIE, a fellow Lostie, for finding this Lost-related error. Any good Lostie should know that the ship is the Black Rock, not the Black Rose...

OK, so last night's episode completely overwhelmed me. Am I the only one who's overwhelmed? It was a hell of an awesome episode, don't get me wrong, but my head is spinning. I knew that tonight's episode would be a Ben-centric episode, so of course it was gonna be one of those OMGWTF?!? episodes, but really. This one was pretty crazy.

* Cesar: Did that shot kill him or not? I kinda hope it did; he is/was annoying.

* Ilana: What are her and her buddies up to? And what was that "shadow of the statue" mumbo-jumbo she was spouting at Lapidus?

* Lapidus: I really like his character, but I did NOT need to see all his chest hair tonight.

* Sun: all sorts of confused, wondering if her friends Jack, Kate, and Hurley were once in the Dharma Initiative, wondering how she can see Jin again, wondering how Locke is alive, and wondering what the hell Ben is up to...

* Desmond and Penny: Both appeared to make it out of the episode alive. Desmond made a nice tackle and sent Ben flying into the water, spewing blood out his face the whole time. Fun. (Did anyone else notice that the name of their boat was also the name of the book that Desmond was carrying around with him in Season 2--Our Mutual Friend, by Charles Dickens?)

* Charles Widmore: We got a lot of backstory on him this time around. But I kinda thought that Ben having him exiled for having a kid with someone offshore was kinda lame. C'mon, Charles Widmore is a Big Baddie--make him do something more awful to get exiled! (Or was there another reason he got sent away--did I miss something?) We also see that Charles wanted Alex dead from the get-go, and we realize that Ben demonstrated that he actually has some humanity by sparing Rousseau's life AND saving Alex.

* Little Ethan: Freakin' Ethan shows up everywhere!

* Locke: Does anyone else think Locke looks much more youthful now that he's back on the island, resurrected or whatnot? I do. I liked Locke's confidence in this episode. No longer is he asking for someone to tell him what to do; he took charge and kept Ben on his path to go get judged. Locke's always been clever, but now he seems sharper. He seems...ready. Ready for...whyever he's back on the island.

* Ben: So why does Ben still want to kill Locke? Do you think he'll follow "Alex's" wishes/threat to not hurt Locke? (Even if Ben tried to kill Locke again, would the island really let him die?) What was up with Ben reaching into that murky water not long before going to visit Smokey? Didn't the hole Ben fell down in the temple look sorta similar to the well that Locke fell down in an earlier episode this season? Why was Ben getting freaked out reading the hieroglyphics in the temple? Did Smokey let him live because it realized that Ben didn't really kill Alex (maybe Widmore was right about "if the island wants Alex to die"'ll kill her)? Was Alex really THERE, or was she some sort of manifestation of Smokey? Do you think Ben was really surprised that Smokey let him live, or did he expect that all along?

* On next week's preview: Looks like Miles will factor heavily in this episode. I wonder who's in the body bag...

What did you think of tonight's episode? Sound off in the Comments section...


April said...

I was completely overwhelmed too! It was an amazing episode. So many questions answered but not enough to kill the wonder of the show.

Cesar has to be dead. There is no way he survived that. That scene was shocking, though! I really thought he'd have a bigger part.

Ilana must be working for Widmore. That's the only way to explain her riddle. I'm thinking he sent a group of people on that plane and that's the riddle they have to answer so they will be able to identify each other.

I was so relieved to see that Desmond and Penny are very much alive. And Desmond kicking Ben's ass? AWESOME.

Oh, and how cute is their kid???

I think Ben was probably looking for any reason at all to get Widmore off the island to protect Alex. So it's possible that there was another reason besides him having a child with an outsider but maybe not, or maybe this all comes back to the thing about breaking the rules.

It was nice to see a softer side of Ben but we've always known he has a soft spot for Alex. Which, by the way, totally smokey manifesting itself through Alex - or maybe Jacob? Or are they one in the same? Even if, and it's highly unlikely, she survived that gunshot, there's no way she would be looking as good as she did in that scene.

The temple was awesome but I do believe that what we saw last night was genuine surprise by Ben that the temple even existed. Remember, he said that the wall was built to keep anyone from seeing the actual temple, miles away from that wall and suddenly he is falling through a hole in the ground that lands him right in the middle of this other temple. So much mystery...


I'm still not entirely convinced Cesar's dead; plenty of people get shot on that show and still live. Then again, some of those people are Locke and Ben, and Cesar seems to be far less important than either of them, so he very well may be dead, and I kinda hope he is. ;)

Great theory about Ilana--that makes a lot of sense if that's the case.

Little Charlie *is* adorable. :)

Yeah, it would make sense that Ben got Widmore exiled for Alex's benefit. Good call!

The more I think about it, I think it's Smokey manifesting itself through Alex. Didn't we see this same sort of thing happen with Mr. Eko and his brother, a long while back (beginning of Season 3)?

The temple intrigues me; I want to see more of it...

Ranielle said...

Cesar: I, too, am thinking (hoping?) he's dead. If I remember correctly, other shot-but-not-dead victims have been on the wrong end of smaller handguns, not sawed off shotguns. If Cesar's still alive, he's probably got a sucking chest wound or something and shouldn't -- er, wouldn't -- likely survive. Plus, he played his part. He was Ben's dupe, then Ben shot him.

Ilana: My first thought was that she and her buddies had been on the island before. But working for Charles Widmore makes sense, too. Except that I was also pretty sure that she was hired by Ben to get Sayid on the plane (even though she said she was hired by the family of that guy he shot on the golf course). Honestly, she could still be working for Ben. There wasn't a lot of information given in that short little scene between them, but she didn't ask him the riddle question, either.

Charles Widmore: I think the greater sin, in Ben's and the Island's eyes, and the reason he was exiled, was that he kept leaving the island and coming back. Having a child with someone off-Island was just a byproduct of that bigger rule-breaking.

Locke: I agree. He's practically ethereal. And the fact that he just seems to know stuff about the Island now is freaking Ben out, which I love.

Ben: Ben wants to kill Locke because he's jealous. I think he's always been jealous of Locke and Locke's connection to the Island. Especially from the moment Locke made contact with Jacob. He may say he wants Locke to lead his people, take his place, but it's all a bunch of baloney.

Alex: Ben's dead daughter throwing daddy up against a column in the Temple totally screwed my idea that the people that the Island brought back to life couldn't make physical contact with the living (for instance, Christian and maybe even Locke?). Unless she's not the same kind of entity that they are. It's all very confuddling.

Richard: Seriously. Who the hell is this dude? He never, ever, EVER ages. Flashback, flashforward, he's always exactly the same and I WANT TO KNOW WHY.

Next week's episode: Totally ready for a Miles-centric ep. I'm glad each week is getting more and more interesting. Now I can laugh in the face of all of those naysayers who stopped watching after the third season!


Haha, *everyone* wants Cesar to die! I hope you're right and that he's really dead. :)

What if Ilana is working for both Ben AND Widmore? That would be an interesting twist...

I, too, love how Locke is freaking out Ben because he's the exception to the "dead is dead" rule. Locke = AWESOME.

Yes, good point about Alex making physical contact with Ben. We haven't seen that before, have we? Christian has been very hands-off. Hmmm...

I want a Richard flashback! :)

And yeah, I agree--the show keeps getting better and better! The folks who say it jumped the shark are full of crap. :)

michael said...

I think Cesar is dead, and that's how Ilana and her friends got control. As for the statue question, at first I thought it was referring to the the four-toed foot, but the statue isn't there in present day. She seemed pretty intent on getting an answer from someone who just came back, though.

Was the temple miles away? I might have missed something, but it doesn't feel consistent with everything they've showed us regarding smokey and the temple. I was sort of hoping for more from that scene, and I really hope they revisit/explore more of the temple. Some translation of the hieroglyphics is probably asking for too much, but I can dream...

I think Alex was just Smokey again. We know that as smoke it can physically, well, kill someone, so it makes sense that as a person it can also make contact. It has manifested itself enough times, that's for sure. Based in the fact that smokey was judging Ben, and they kept talking about the will of the island, that smokey = Jacob. If it can manifest itself as anyone that has been on the island (especially dead people), then it restates the case that Christian is just another pawn of the "Island," aka smokey.

After all, anyone ever seen them both at the same time? Hmmmm?


@ Michael: Yeah, I immediately thought of the four-toed statue, too. But how the heck would she know about that?

Now that you mention it, the temple location does feel a little "off." I, too, hope they explore this further. What other crazy stuff lurks within those walls?

Very good point--no, we haven't seen them both at the same time. At least not that I can recall! :)

Magnolia said...

I totally agree with Ranielle about Ben's motive to kill Locke. I've always thought that the need to prove that he is "special" (in the way that Locke is) drives all of Ben's actions.

I think Alex = Smokey. The island knows to communicate effectively, and using the form of Ben's daughter was a sure-fire way to get through to him.

I have no idea what Ilana's deal is. I don't think she's working for Widmore, because he seemed out of the loop about the trip back to the island when Ben called him. The theory that her question to Locke was a code to see who's on her side is really good, April!

I'm looking forward to the Miles episode next week. We really need more backstory on him!


I agree with you guys about Ben's motivation for wanting to kill Locke. He's such a jealous little so-and-so! Do you think he'll manage to behave and NOT try to kill Locke, or will it be a case of Ben Being Ben, and he can't ignore his urge to try to get rid of Locke?

I'm really interested to see Miles have a bigger role in an episode. Also: Where's Faraday? When will he show back up? And why, during the flashbacks we saw last night with a younger Widmore, was Eloise not present?