Thursday, April 2, 2009


I BET THEIR COPY EDITORS DIED ON OCEANIC 815 is the newest weekly feature on Red Pen, Inc. It's a combination of recapping last night's episode of Lost and mocking some Lost-related bad writing. We can only assume that the publications whose writing is featured here must have had copy editors aboard Oceanic 815, and once the plane crashed and the copy editors died, the cheap-ass publications didn't hire anyone else to replace them...which results in the crappy writing/grammar/spelling found in this feature.

First of all, let me say how much it pains me to point out this error, as it was made by the uber-brilliant Doc Jensen, who writes the insanely incredible Lost articles and recaps for Entertainment Weekly. Although I rarely give out pardons when it comes to silly errors, I'll happily grant the Doc a pardon for this mistake. He wrote, like, 6 or 7 pages of brilliant, heavy stuff, and he made one little measly typo. Since he writes brilliant stuff for me to read every week, I suppose I'll forgive him. :)

So, last night's episode. Wow. I'm a big Kate fan, and I was excited to see a Kate-centric episode. I was not at all surprised to see Cassidy in this episode, nor was I surprised that what Sawyer apparently told Kate to do when she got off the island was something relating to helping out his daughter, Clementine. I liked the scene where Kate and Cassidy were commiserating about Sawyer having broken both their hearts; Kate's a guy's girl, and so it was nice to see her with a female ally.

I also liked the scenes with Hurley. I often have the sense that he's the sanest one out of all of them, despite the fact that he's the one with the most experience living in a mental institution.

I thought it was interesting how they gave us more "deja vu" sort of scenes again this week. For instance:

* Juliet telling Jack he shouldn't have come back reminded me a LOT of Jack telling Kate (in season 2 or 3, I can't remember) that she shouldn't have come back to get him when he was living in the cute little Dharma houses

* Jack acting very Locke-like, saying that he's "supposed to" come back to the island, and also seeming like he's looking for someone to tell him what to do next

More thoughts:

I hadn't liked Roger (Ben's dad) in any previous episodes, but I found him to be relatively likable this time around.

It hadn't occurred to me that maybe there was more than one Dharma bus. Tonight I learned that they've got at least 2 of 'em.

I wonder if Horace is gonna (mistakenly) suspect that Jack busted "the hostile" out of his cell. By the way, where the hell is Sayid?

When Kate and Sawyer were taking a tiny break in the jungle, carrying Little Ben to the Others' side so that Richard Alpert could save him? And they were talking? I've been there. I've totally fucking been there. That scene broke my heart.

Is Kate going through some sort of redemption process by handing Aaron (at least temporarily) over to Claire's mother? And do you really think her reason for going back to the island is to find Claire? (Also: Will she find Claire eventually? Most people theorize that Claire is dead...)

So what exactly is Richard gonna do to Little Ben that takes away his innocence?

And is it just me, or did Locke look totally freakin' evil at the end of the episode? (And Ben looked mighty surprised to see him alive, didn't he?)

What were your thoughts on tonight's episode? Sound off in the Comments section!


April said...

I loved that smirk on John's face at the end!

I do think Kate was telling the truth about going back to find Claire. She has grown up a lot in her 3 years off-island being a mother and I think we'll see more of the less selfish and destructive Kate as the series plays out.

I loved the scenes with Hurley. His character is one of my faves, actually and I love how he always seems to be saying what the audience is thinking.

I felt Roger was pretty likable in this episode as well. I even felt a bit sorry for him. As a parent that has made my fair share of mistakes with parenting, I felt pains of empathy as the weight of his choices came crashing down on him as he faced losing his son. Not that I'm excusing abusing the boy but I do feel his regret.

Jack's character is less and less likable all the time. He's gone from one extreme of trying to control everything to the other of just sitting back and letting things happen. Faith doesn't work like that, Jack. Hope he finds more balance between the two extremes soon. But then, it appears that he really did do exactly what he was supposed to do by not helping as that appears to be how Ben ended up with the Others. Whatever happened, happened.

The only thing I really felt disappointed by last night was the cop-out the writers took with saying that Ben would be healed but that he wouldn't remember anything that happened. Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't we seen clear evidence that he does remember being in the DI with his abusive father and that is at least partially responsible for his leading the attack on them? I think they could've handled that a lot better than they did.

Next week's episode looks awesome!


Hi, April!

I can't wait to see what Locke does next week. :) And the surprised, "oh, shit!" look on Big Ben's face was priceless...

Do you read Hurley's blog? I link to it on my sidebar; it's called Dispatches from the Island. He posts some really entertaining stuff, and he has an adorable dog...

I felt sorry for Roger, too. And I liked how Kate tried to help him out in this episode. You're right, she is getting less selfish...

Yeah, Jack's driving me crazy. Then again, I can't say I minded seeing him in that scene where he was coming out of the shower. I dig his tattoos... :) Be annoying all you want, Jack, as long as I get to see those tattoos once per episode...

If that's really the case, then that's a total cop-out on the writers' part. BUT...Lost is a show that drives us crazy partially because it involves a lot of unreliable narrators. Just because Richard *thinks* Ben won't remember anything doesn't necessarily make it so. One of the things I love about Lost is that they're constantly making you think about which characters you want to believe about which things. Between Miles and Hurley, for instance, we got a bunch of time travel-related crap thrown at us last night, but BOTH of them can't possibly be right... Although in that case, I believe Hurley is right more than I believe Miles is right, the show is always reminding us that we really can't take anything any character says at face value. :)

Ranielle said...

Perhaps there are even 3 Dharma buses? Unless one of the ones being driven last night was also a giant fireball last week...

Jack. Gah! I find it brilliant that Jack's attitude of "no one is playing the game I want to play, so I'll just take my ball and sulk" is actually the reason that Ben ended up with the Others and grew into the man that Jack wouldn't save as a child. If Jack hadn't been such a baby, he could have changed everything. But, then again, whatever happened, happened.

I've had that Hurley/Miles conversation in my own head many times. I love when it seems like the writers are scouring the internet looking for the questions that the audience is asking and then putting them in the mouths of characters.

I don't quite buy the Ben forgetting bit, but I only took it to mean that Ben would forgetting the whole getting shot ordeal, not his entire life before Richard took him into the jungle. Who's to say he did forget, except for Ben? And we haven't heard it from Ben's mouth yet.

I couldn't quite tell... Did Richard take him to the temple that Smokey lives in?

"Welcome back to the land of the living." Veeerrrrrryyy significant piece of dialogue, I'm guessing. Really interested to get back to Locke et al; although I'm also dying to know what the hell is going on with Sun and Lapidus.

April said...

I could not agree more about the shower scene. As long as he doesn't talk he's great.

I have been blog stalking Hurley for quite some time. :D I love his blog and yes his little doggy is so cute!

You make a good point about reliable narrators. I felt that was Daniel's role in the show, to explain to all of us how their rules of time travel will work. He is a trustworthy narrator and I believe that we can trust that he's telling the truth. If they wanted to mislead us, they could've just had Ben explain the rules because we all know by now that we cannot trust him. I feel that the Miles/Hurley thing was the audience (Hurley) asking the questions and the writers (Miles) trying to explain things but they didn't want to give away too much so they left it with the both of them stumped.


@ Ranielle: Maybe there was a whole fleet of Dharma buses! How cool would that be? :)

Yeah, I thought that Hurley/Miles conversation was very well-done as well as very well-timed. All of us viewers have had a lot of time-travel mumbo-jumbo to think about lately, and it was nice to see that the characters are just as baffled as we are!

I'm interested to see what happens with Ben and Richard next week. I bet it involves Smokey, too...and we've all been wanting to learn more about Smokey for a while now...

I, too, was wondering where Sun and Lapidus wandered off to... And I agree, all sorts of bells went off in my head when Locke said "Welcome back to the land of the living." Can't wait to see what happens with them next week... :)


@ April: I'm not sure I believe Daniel 100% of the time... Wouldn't it be just like Lost to throw us a red herring--to have been allowing the physicist to give us time-travel info all season long, but then later on, indicate that some of that info was actually wrong? I wouldn't put it past them...they're tricky devils. :)

michael said...

I didn't see last week's episode until two days ago, so I still have one residual question - Ann Arbor WTF? I'm a student at Michigan, and the idea of this place being connected to a hippie/research commune is a little too plausible. But wow.

So anyway, I think Richard meant that Ben won't remember being shot. It's like people who go into severe shock or have a concussion sometimes won't remember what happened. We know from previous flashbacks that he will go back to DI until the Hostiles kill them all - remember the scene with Ben and his dad in the van when the gas goes off? Richard Workman!

The "welcome back to the land of the living" isn't that significant. John is just making Ben REALLY uncomfortable. Sun clocked Ben with the oar, and it looks like the new crash survivors found him and brought him back to whatever station they're using as an infirmary. Ben probably wasn't expecting the first person he would see was a dead man.


@ Michael: I haven't really caught on to what exactly goes on in Ann Arbor, there another Dharma headquarters there or something?

Re: Ben--yeah, that sounds entirely plausible. I'm betting he's in some sort of shock...or Smokey erases his memories of being shot, perhaps... :)

Magnolia said...

I don't know what to think of this Lost comment (from Give Me My Remote), but had to share:

"Don’t know if it was related or not, but Ben wakes up (to a close-up of Locke’s mug) right after he is taken in by Richard (in the past)… I know the time travel thingy complicates things, but is it possible that adult Ben was unconscious because young Ben hadn’t been saved by Kate and Sawyer yet, so he wakes up as soon as we see it happening? Man, this IS confusing."



Geez. That's definitely food for thought! That's an interesting theory...

So if that theory holds true, does that mean that we're dealing less with "past" and "future" and more with...concurrent/parallel?