Friday, April 17, 2009

FOODIE FRIDAY for April 17, 2009

As you're reading this, it's probably Friday morning. As I'm writing this, it's Thursday night. Some of you who know me personally know that I'm taking a few days away from everything to be a reclusive, eccentric writer--to work on my novel and short stories and to get my head back in the game, so to speak. I'm not allowing myself any distractions over the next several days (no internet, no baseball games, no phone, etc) so that I can focus on some of these projects and make more progress on them. (It's often really hard for me to write my non-blog-related stuff because I'm kind of another person when I do it; my pen name has a distinct personality of its own, and it's not the kind of personality that's necessarily good to drag out in the middle of the work week, since she drinks a lot of wine and is mildly terrifying. But I digress.)

But just because I'm not gonna be on the internet until Sunday or so doesn't mean that you guys don't get any new blog material outta me (yikes, there were, like, a million negatives in that sentence!). Gotta love how Blogger allows you to set things to post in the future. :) So here's a Foodie Friday post for you guys to read while I am surely locked in my house, listening to Muse, furiously working on four different writing projects...

I'm not a native New Yorker; I'm a transplanted New Yorker. I never saw any of these mysterious "knish" things in the Philly area, where I'm originally from, but I see them all the time here in New York. I'm starting to get used to seeing these things around, although I'm still no closer to really understanding what they are or daring to try one. However, I am very curious about this crazy thing they call a "sweet potatoe." (Way to go, local deli. You put a "toe" in that sweet potato. Ew.)

Also: I've never had any real enthusiasm for visiting a desert, but I'd happily give this one a try. Any desert made of bacon is just fiiiiiine with me. (Unless they meant "dessert," that is...and I kinda suspect they did. Dammit.)

Happy Friday, you guys! You'll still see some Red Pen, Inc. posts pop up throughout the weekend, and then on Sunday I'll be back in the flesh (as opposed to pre-posted) to moderate comments and such... Have a fabulous weekend!


ChicagoLady said...

No baseball?????


Phillies must be off all weekend, otherwise I think you need to see a doctor.

Maybe the potatoe was in the shape of a toe? Ok, still ewwwwwww.


Nope, no baseball. I was a busy little novelist-to-be. :)

Actually, the damn Phils have been LOSING all weekend. To the Padres, of all teams. Sigh.

Tom Heehler said...

Here's one I saw in a deli on Long Island:

Try Our "Greek" Salad

Um, I think I'll pass.

Tom Heehler


Haha! I don't blame you for passing on that.

I find a lot of my food-related errors in local Long Island delis. There are lots of delis, many of which make lots of errors, so it's a win-win situation for me! :)

Tom said...

But it's not just an error. It's a "Greek" salad. Get it?

When someone puts the word Greek in quotes, what does that call to mind?

It's certainly not something one would want to eat.

Tom Heehler


Oh, I get it. Actually, I got it with your first comment on this post, but I wasn't sure if I was the only one whose warped mind was going in THAT direction...haha! :)

And yes, I agree--very much inedible!