Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baseball-related word blunders...

I kind of understand this error that got sent out in a Phillies e-mail blast. I send out e-mail blasts for my job, too, and they're a hell of a lot of work to put together (creation of the HTML document in Dreamweaver, different HTML code for the web-based version, and the text version...not to mention client approval, co-worker approval, and manager approval, all in a small amount of turnaround time). So I can understand why the word "get" is in that sentence twice--typically you look these blast components over a million times, and then change them a million more times once you start the approval process, so you might conceivably be too zonked to notice that one of those gets has gotta go. If the process the Phillies go through to make an e-mail blast is anywhere near the amount of pain in the ass-ness it is for me to prepare one lousy e-mail blast, then I sympathize.

But I'll still make fun of the mistake...'cause that's just what I do here on Red Pen, Inc. ;)

And just so you guys don't think I only ever pick on grammar mistakes that have something to do with my beloved Phillies, here's proof that I do pay attention to grammar mistakes involving other baseball teams. TIM found this funny little typo on ESPN's website and then mocked it on his own website, THE SPORTS HERNIA. (Thanks, TIM, for sending this error my way, too!)

Speaking of baseball, I am so not amused by last night's baseball games. My Phillies lost to the Brewers, and the Red Sox beat up on my Twins twice. Bearing in mind that I have quite a few Phillies and Twins on all three of my fantasy baseball teams, I'm almost scared to check in and see how my BILFs fared last night...


Bridgete said... you know, I'm happy when the Sox win, but I'm sorry they beat up on one of your teams.

As for the email blasts, that does sound like a pain in the ass. I'm glad I don't have to do that.

ChicagoLady said...

Is Cole ok?


@ Bridgete: They gave my Twins a thorough trouncing. Perhaps when Mauer is back from the DL, the Twins will repay the favor and then all will be even, haha. :)

Your Sox played really well, though...they deserved to win those games yesterday!


@ ChicagoLady: He apparently has a shoulder contusion. I've heard the only cure for that is having a Grammarphile go kiss it and make it all better. ;)

Seriously, though, this isn't good. He was actually striking batters out today...and now THIS. Sigh.

J. Alfred Proofreader said...

Grammarphile, I had no idea what a rigmarole orchestrating an e-mail blast is. That said, it hurts to see the Phils make that mistake. They have to get it together on the field and in the marketing department!

Hopefully Hamels will be okay. They gotta start swinging the lumber, though, too.


Well, I don't know if EVERYONE goes through the same process for creating and sending an e-mail blast, but that's how it works in my department. I have to imagine that other places do it in a more simple way, but I have no definitive proof of that. :)

Poor Cole! I cannot BELIEVE he got hit by Fielder's line-drive. That jerkface Fielder did absolutely NOTHING good for me on my fantasy team last year. I'd thought he'd forgotten how to hit the ball. And then THIS year, when I don't have him on my team, he goes and hits a ball into my favorite pitcher, who IS on my fantasy team and did not post good stats for me today since he had to leave the game so early. Arrrghh!

At least the Mets lost today, too. :) And hopefully Hamels will be back in the game soon AND our offense will get hot even sooner!