Friday, March 13, 2009

FOODIE FRIDAY for March 13, 2009

What about the word blueberry is so difficult to spell? It's the word blue + the word berry. Both of those words are really simple words. Apparently when people try to combine these two words, though, they run into trouble. Less than a month ago, we saw someone screw up "blueberry" in a different way...and now we've got this. "Bluberry." Which reminds me of the word "blubbery." And to that I say...ewww.

Have a very...umm...fruity Friday, everyone! ;)


Bridgete said...

Yeah, this definitely reminds me of blubbery. And I'm really not too keen on the idea of blubbery tea. Yuck.


Yuckiest. Drink. EVER!

Ray Gunn said...

At least they didn't stick a silent "p" in there like in "raspberry." No one likes silent "p" in their tea.


LOL! I don't want any "p" in my tea, thankyouverymuch! :)

(I'm actually drinking tea right now--not "bluberry" tea, luckily!--and I'm giving my mug the fishy eye...with all this talk of "p" in tea and blubbery tea, I'm suspicious of what mysterious things could be lurking in MY tea...)