Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can you tell I'm excited about baseball these days?

Later on today, I'll be drafting my third team of BILFs (my second draft, on Thursday, netted me some good players, including Joe Mauer, A-Rod, Chase Utley, Tim Lincecum, and Cliff Lee, just to name a few). I have a feeling that having three fantasy baseball teams this year will make me a tad more obsessive than usual about fantasy baseball. We'll see. This time around I want Josh Hamilton and Justin Morneau on my team...hopefully I'll get at least one of them.

To celebrate my final draft (yay!), here's a funny baseball-related nonsensical sentence, courtesy of fellow BILF aficionado CRANE. The sentence in question says, "Making his since August surgery on his throwing arm, future Hall of Famer Tom Glavine had good command Saturday in a solid three-frame outing." CRANE wonders, Making his what since August, exactly? Someone needs a noun.

Which baseball team(s) are you rooting for this year? I'm rooting for my Phillies, of course...also for the Twins, because I simply cannot get enough of Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Joe Natahan (quick, somebody get me a cold shower!). I'm also rooting for Anybody Who Beats the Mets...whoever that is, I like them, too!

(Thanks, CRANE, for spotting this silly error!)


Bridgete said...

I'm sticking with my Red Sox. =)

By the way, I think nonsensical sentences are the funniest errors ever. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a follower of baseball, however, since I live in Kansas City I will root for the Royals as I always do and hang my head in shame and despair as they blow yet another season.


ChicagoLady said...

Of course I'll be rooting for the Cubbies. Hopefully they'll go further than being swept in the Divisionals.


@ Bridgete: I got Youkilis in a draft today. I'm pretty happy about that! :)


@ April: Awww! Poor thing! I hope they at least have a couple cute Royals since there aren't really any huge stars on the team... :)


@ ChicagoLady: Yay, Cubbies! I have Theriot in all 3 leagues this year, and I picked up Ted Lilly in the draft I did today. :) Tried to get Soto today, but somebody else snatched him up first.

Crane said...

Phillies and Red Sox - hoping that the divisions shake out like this:

1. Giants
2. Dodgers
3. Rockies
4. Padres
5. There's another NL West team, right?

Couldn't care less, but hoping the Pirates step up and shock everyone. (Sorry Chicago, but Ted Lilly isn't enough to make up for the rest of that un-BILFy team. Expect your team to be a major Wild Card contender, too.)

1. Phillies
2. Marlins, NL Wildcard
3. Nationals (I think it could really all come together for them this year. Or I just really, really hate the Mets.)
4. Mets
5. Braves

1. A's, even though they don't have Zito or Harden or Haren anymore.
2. Angels
3. Rangers - offense won't carry their pathetic excuse for a pitching staff
4. Mariners - they suck.

1. Royals (Hey people, stop making fun of them! I am a firm believer in Luke Hochevar's potential - how many of you remember that he was the opposing pitcher for Jon Lester's no-hitter? I do! I have watched that on iTunes so many times....)
2. Twins (Wild Card runnerups)
3. White Sox
4/5(/6?). Uh, those other teams

1. Red Sox
2. Tampa Bay, AL Wildcard
3. Orioles (Brian Roberts FTW)
4. Bankees, er, Yankees (Phil Coke will be a regular in the rotation by the end of the year and the offense will fade down the stretch)
5. Blue Jays (Roy Halladay gets no love anymore)

The top 3 teams I'd love to see in the World Series this year are the Red Sox, the Marlins, and the Giants. I mean, I love the Phillies, but somehow they don't excite me this year. Although I'd take any excuse I can get to stare at Cole Hamels.

Other predictions: F-Rod (er, K-Rod) will get hit in the face with at least one line drive, Roy Halladay throws at least 10 complete games, and Brian Sabean ends up in a psych ward after someone says "Lincecum" and "arbitration" in the same sentence.

There you have it. Feel free to argue.

MarieC said...

Even though they have no chance in heck of making the postseason, I am still a true-blue Mariners fan. And of course, anyone who beats the Yankees is OK in my book, too! I'd love to see the Rays win the AL East again, with an entire payroll less than what the Bankees pay A-Fraud.


@ Crane: I feel like there really are only 4 NL West teams. Weird.

I think the Braves are gonna do better than last place this year. (Remember the days when the Braves dominated the NL East?) I'm hoping they do better than the Mets, and I'm almost certain they'll do better than the Nats, since...well, who DOESN'T do better than the Nats?

I'll be watching Rangers games this year, crappy pitchers be damned, because of my mad crushes on Hamilton and Kinsler.

I'm pulling for the Twins for the AL Central, and that's not just because I have tons of them on all 3 fantasy teams. They've got some really good players, and I'd love to see them in the playoffs this year. Also, Mauer is insanely hot.

In the AL East, I'm interested to see which of the 3 good teams--Sox, Yanks, and Rays--come out on top. Each team has some excellent talent. I'm more of a Yanks fan than a Sox fan, but I'd rather see Tampa Bay win that division again this year.


@ MarieC: I used to be a Mariners fan by default back in the day--Ken Griffey, Jr. was my favorite player. :)