Saturday, February 7, 2009

What's worse than Long Island drivers? The AP writers who write about them...

Red Pen, Inc. reader SASHA said: I just had to forward this article to you. It came from the Pocket Express (Associated Press) News on my Blackberry. English is not my first language, I am originally from Ukraine. I cannot claim to be a Grammarphile like you, but I always cringe when I read an ASSOCIATED PRESS article with such horrible grammar. Don't they proof-read what they write? Don't they have editors?

First, congratulations to Sasha for having awesome grammar--English is not an easy second language to learn, and she writes it really well, so kudos to her! Second, shame on the AP for not proofreading. This was a silly mistake that they really should have seen. And third: I live on Long Island. Don't even get me started on the drivers here! Sigh.

Thanks so much to SASHA for sending in this picture!


EVula said...

Sasha has much better grammar than the AP. Go Sasha. :)

Bridgete said...

I second your congrats to Sasha!

ChicagoLady said...

You know it's bad when we have immigrants spotting grammar problems in our news publications!


I think the AP should hire Sasha! She writes much better than their writers do! :)

Sasha said...

Thank you everybody, you made me blush! :) Your comments really mean a lot to me!

Grammarphile, this site is an awesome idea, you give me something new to laugh about everyday. I read your posts all the time.


Glad you enjoyed this post, Sasha! And thank you for reading this blog regularly. You and all the other awesome readers are the reason I enjoy writing this blog so much! It makes me happy to know that I can give such a cool bunch of people a few giggles or smiles throughout their day! :)

Brian said...

Sasha, The Grammarphile is right; English can be incredibly difficult to learn.

I would suggest drinking copious amounts of alcohol and e-mailing me in order to set-up a personal tutoring session at a nice restaurant.

By the end of your private Tutoring Dinner you will have mastered important English language phrases such as:

"What do you mean you forgot your wallet?"

"Help! Call the police."

"That's him. I'll never forget that face."

"No I don't think the drive-thru is romantic."

"This is pepper spray and I'm not afraid to use it."

And if you sign up now for the Morning After Tutoring module you will receive free, How To Text Without Getting Caught.

Learn secret techniques of urgent texting once reserved for only the world's top undercover operatives.


Haha! That's a hell of an infomercial, Brian!

Sasha said...

Hey Brian, I never took a lesson like that in the 20+ years that I've been learning English! Where do I sign up? I think you should pitch your idea to Rosetta Stone or one of the colleges that offer English as a Second Language. You can make a LOT of money, I am sure! And since I made the suggestion, I will take a modest cut, say 50%, what do you think?

Brian said...

50% seems reasonable but I think it's going to work best if we do this as a series of demonstration DVDs.

Send me your address. I'm free Monday after 2PM.