Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TO/TOO/TWO TUESDAY for February 9, 2009

Wow--courtesy of JADE, we really do have an actual to/too mistake for TO/TOO/TWO TUESDAY! This one makes me wanna cry, though. I like Vera Bradley stuff, and I always get sad when my favorite brands/products have been attacked by writers with bad grammar skills. This bag is really cute...the homonym error, though? Not so much!

Thanks, JADE, for finding this one!


ChicagoLady said...

I want to know what special something goes in the front snap pocket?


Is it bad that in my head, I was already referring to that little pocket as a "condom pocket"? (I have a feeling one--or maybe a few--would fit perfectly there...)

Brian said...

Oh, Christ. please.

Like anything connected to a purse could be wrong in your world.

Grammarphile: "How much is this Jimmy Choo?"

Sales Clerk: "$675."

Grammarphile: "Holy shit!"

Sales Clerk: "If I bought that I wouldn't be able to eat for three months."

Grammarphile: "Me neither."

Sales Clerk: "Sucks huh?"

Grammarphile: "Yeah. Wrap it up."

Erika said...

Oh wow - condoms would be much more fun than what I was thinking...tampons.


@ Brian: Does Jimmy Choo make purses, too? I was only aware that he made shoes...

But you're right--I'm totally cool with starving for the sake of new shoes/a new handbag. :)


@ Erika: True...but your suggestion is just as practical and useful! :)

Brian said...

Oh yeah Baby.

He makes 'em. They're pretty cool looking.

Not too over the top, but cool enough to look unique.

I can't believe I'm talking purses. And that I know what I'm talking about.

You girls better start shown' me some leg on here because I'm becoming very uncomfortable with the direction things have taken.

Where's my porn and that bottle of scotch? I hope I still have 978-SPANK on speed dial.


On the topic of handbags, I encouraged a male co-worker to shop in Juicy Couture tonight for a gift for his girlfriend. He did not look pleased when I took a picture of him looking at purses and talking to the salesgirl...hahaha. :)