Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some fiery errors, plus a burning question...

PETER spotted this little group of mistakes. While he notes that the mistakes don't look like much on the surface, they make him wonder about a bigger question. He says that this submission "...illustrates a widespread Web phenomenon: pages hastily posted, then left online for years, forgotten by their authors, who will never hear the snickers. You'd think that if anyone connected with the Port Washington Fire Department ever read this page, someone would get around to fixing 'How Does Utilize Modern Technology?' and other sloppy errors in the text. Some Web sites are so boring that no one, including their perpetrators, can stand to skim them, much less read them closely. But on this site there's some interesting material, including some information I was looking for. By the time someone from the fire department does get around to reading it, there may have been a lot of snickers."

I have a feeling that in several years, there's going to be so much clutter all over the internet...and a good portion of it's going to be (eek!) poorly-written clutter that will never get rewritten in a more grammatically-friendly way. What do you think?

Thanks, PETER, for finding these mistakes--and for raising this interesting question!


Bridgete said...

I hate to say it...but I think you're right.


Scary thought, hmmm?

ChicagoLady said...

The internet will soon be like that junk drawer that you toss things into, never to find again. Years later, you sort through it, and wonder why you ever kept any of it.

What's a "does"? Maybe they meant the plural of doe, a deer? Do deer (or does) utilize modern technology? I can just picture a bunch of them huddled in the forest, trying for that wireless signal on a laptop so they can post to their group blog about life as a doe.


This--"I can just picture a bunch of them huddled in the forest, trying for that wireless signal on a laptop so they can post to their group blog about life as a doe"--just cracked me the hell up. Thanks for the giggle, ChicagoLady! :)

Brian said...

There are actual terrorist deer in the forest. They are building a coordinated high-power fiber laser array utilizing water cooled diode stacks.

When it is completed the deer are going to triangulate the high powered lasers and use them it to shut down all cellular and wireless systems in the United States.

Reports of what's going on inside the forest base are sketchy. They've got that place shut down tight. The only reason we know what we do is because a brown bear dropped a dime on them after they burned his backside with one of the lasers to chase him off their encampment. Smoky B. stumbled in on them once and asked them why they wanted to crash the entire communications grid?

And you know what they said?


“Because that's the way we roll.”


Wow. Who knew those innocent-looking deer were really so shady?