Monday, February 23, 2009

MISSPELLING MONDAY (post 2 of 2) for February 23, 2009

This advertisement, sent in by PETER, is totally giggle-worthy. Has a new breed of animal been created? A two-t'ed bobcat called, um, bobcatt?

Peter says: I have been in the great state of Texas only a couple of times, so I can't guess whether some quirk of local culture may explain why Bobcat -- the name of the company that makes bucket loaders -- has been awarded an extra t. The company's slogan, "One Tough Animal," makes clear they have the furry creature in mind, not some founding engineer named Bob Catt. They also have a logo that definitely represents a cat, not a catt. The ad appeared in the Dripping Springs Century-News. I didn't make that up; it's a real newspaper. I hope someone can shed light on this spelling mystery but until a better suggestion comes along, I'll have to imagine that the ad was taken over the phone, and that neither Mr. McConaughey nor the ad taker knew how to spell bobcat. Consistent with that theory is the fact that "Bush Hog" is a manufacturer of rotary mowers, and the ad spells "bush hogging" correctly.

I like Peter's observation that "They also have a logo that definitely represents a cat, not a catt." Now I'm really curious about what a "catt" might look like. Any guesses?

Thanks, PETER, for spotting this amusing error!


random acts of HUH??? said...

Maybe it's a knockoff of the real Bobcat? Kind of like buying a Rulex watch?


Ha! Good theory. :)

Peter said...

This isn't much of a clue but I suspect it will amuse the Grammarphile.
The provider of Bobcatt service is the brother of Matthew McConaughey, the hunky movie actor whose girlfriend Camila Alves recently gave birth to a son, Levi Alves McConaughey.
Bobcatt man evidently learned the oil field supply business from his father, "Big Jim" McConaughey, who once played for the Green Bay Packers.
Glamorous guys, yes. Spellers, not.

Peter said...

Wait, there's more! Celebrity gossip sites don't miss a trick! One reports that Bobcatt man "named his son Miller Lyte after his favorite beer!"
There it is, the smoking gun!
A serial brand name misspeller!


Hahaha! Bobcatt man and his family are a totally fascinating bunch. Too bad they're prone to misspellings, though! They'd be a lot cooler if they could keep those misspellings in check. :)

Brian said...

This is starting to sound a little "Lostish."

One of them doesn't own a polar bear do they?


I don't think so. Although in this case, I bet they'd own a polar bearr instead of just a plain ol' polar bear. ;)

Dave said...

Hey if you look at it as the owners of the company are actually LOL Cats then it makes a little bit more sense. k thx


LOLcats or LOLcatts? There's a difference, you know... ;)

Brian said...

Or a poolar bear.

Animal Control Officer: "Are you sure you want to give him up?"

Homeowner: "It's not that we mind him swimming in it but he keeps eating the pool boys."


Heh. Poolar bears like to nom pool boys, huh? Somehow I'm not surprised.