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I BET THEIR COPY EDITORS DIED ON OCEANIC 815 is the newest weekly feature on Red Pen, Inc. It's a combination of recapping last night's episode of Lost and mocking some Lost-related bad writing. We can only assume that the publications whose writing is featured here must have had copy editors aboard Oceanic 815, and once the plane crashed and the copy editors died, the cheap-ass publications didn't hire anyone else to replace them...which results in the crappy writing/grammar/spelling found in this feature.

Could someone please tell this person that the Dharma Initiative is a proper noun (and that it's spelled Dharma, not Darma)? Sigh. I love this guy's screen name, though--it's ironic because it looks like HE'S the "noob" spelling!

OK, so last night’s episode of Lost was very much OMGWTF?!? The story’s getting so twisted (as if it wasn’t already twisted enough, right?). Who’s lying? Who’s telling the truth?

My answer to those questions: I have no effin’ idea.

Hell of an interesting episode. We start out seeing Cesar (that random dude who was sitting in the Oceanic 6’s section of the Ajira plane—who is probably not at all random, actually) stealing stuff (maps?) from a Dharma building. His female friend talks to Locke…she hadn’t noticed him on the plane, and obviously that’s because he was in a coffin during the plane ride. He starts telling her that he doesn’t remember the plane ride, but he does remember dying…

But before that, we’ve got Locke showing up in Tunisia, Charles Widmore coming to see Locke (or is it Jeremy Bentham now?), and then Widmore announcing that he himself was the leader of the people on the island, and that Ben had exiled him. And then Widmore, who’s acting like he’s on Locke’s side all of a sudden (and wanting Locke to be back on the island for “the war” that’s coming), sends that sketchy Matthew Abbadon to escort Locke everywhere, since Locke needs a driver. And so Abaddon drives Locke to see Sayid and Hurley and Kate—none of whom will come back to the island—and also Walt, who got really, really freakin’ tall. I thought it was interesting that Locke wasn’t exactly forthcoming about what happened to Michael. He didn’t lie—he said that Michael was last seen on the freighter—but Michael’s most likely dead, and he omitted this when he talked to Walt. Abaddon also takes Locke to Helen’s grave. Turns out she died from a brain aneurysm. I liked this scene—where John learned that she’d died and sat there at her grave—because it’s so rare that we’ve seen Locke care about one specific person as opposed to seeing him care about, for instance, the well-being of his people and/or the island. “She loved me once,” he told Abaddon; my heart kinda broke for him a little bit there.

Then Abaddon gets shot and killed while out and about with Locke, who then drives the car himself, with his injured leg, and manages to get himself into a car crash. We later find out that it’s Ben who shot Abaddon (not a huge surprise there), but before that little revelation, we find out that Locke’s being treated for his car wreck-related injuries in the hospital where Jack works. And Jack doesn’t look at all pleased to see him. In fact, I think Jack’s downright mean to him, telling him that maybe Locke isn’t special, maybe he’s just a lonely old man who’s bored… Locke, clearly, is quite hurt by this. Before Jack leaves the room, though, he tells Jack that his father said to say hello. Locke figured out that Christian was Jack’s father through process of elimination (he knew Christian wasn’t Sayid’s or Hurley’s father). Now Jack actually looks affected—and confused, too, because he knows his father is dead. (We later find out from Ben that Jack booked a flight to Sydney that night and would be returning the next morning. Hmmm…what’s Jack up to there?)

Then Locke tries to hang himself—I think he’s doing it because he’s so depressed, not actually because Richard told him he’d have to die. Locke, with a noose around his neck, is just about to step off the table he’s standing on…and Ben shows up. Convinces Locke to not kill himself. Tells Locke how important he is to the island, and how he still has a lot of work to do. Gets Locke off the table. And then KILLS HIM himself.

That was my big WTF? moment. If Ben wanted Locke dead, why couldn’t he let him just kill himself instead of killing him and making it LOOK like Locke killed himself? (Could Locke not have been reincarnated or whatever if he’d committed suicide, perhaps?) Did Ben do this out of malice, or for the greater good? I couldn’t tell…what do you think?

At the end of the episode, Cesar takes Locke (who can walk just fine now—his injured leg seems to have been magically healed…and in fact, Locke looks younger now too, doesn’t he?) to the room where all the people who were hurt in the plane crash. Locke notices that Ben is one of the hurt, and he remembers—and tells Cesar—that Ben was the one who killed him. (On the topic of Cesar, he noticed that Hurley just up and disappeared from the plane during the crash, and boy, is he ever curious…)

Next week’s episode oughta be interesting. What will happen when Ben and Locke next talk? Is Ben a bad guy? Or is Widmore the bad guy? Or are they both bad—or both good? What will happen when Sawyer and Kate reunite (from the preview of next week’s episode, it looks like this will happen)? What’s Cesar’s deal? Where are the other Oceanic 6 people who were on the flight (we know where Hurley, Kate, and Jack ended up, but where are Sun and Sayid)?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Favorite moments? New theories? New questions? New answers? Sound off in the Comments section


Anonymous said...

Initially, I was pretty disappointed with this episode, probably because I had such high expectations of what this one would bring to the story of Locke. I have always been intrigued by this character and wanted to see more of what happened with each of these characters to lead up to his suicide, or what turns out to be suicide attempt resulting in being killed by Ben. Also a huge WTF moment for me. After the episode had more time to absorb into my brain, though, I am no longer disappointed. It would have been a waste of time to show all the details of all the conversations. We got the idea. He felt like a failure in his mission so he gave up. I just wish he had tried a little harder but I guess Ben made sure he didn't.

Gah...the Widmore/Ben/Abaddon...are they good...are they evil... it is all so confusing and frustrating. I have hated, I mean, loathed Widmore since day one and then poof last night I find myself sympathetic to him for a while and then Ben shows up and he reminds me that I should hate Widmore and then I start to feel for Ben again and then he goes and murders Locke. I think the writers are doing an amazing job of making us feel torn between these guys because that's how Locke feels constantly and it brings me right back to loving John Locke and having enormous sympathy for this man. He wants to do the right thing, I believe his motives are in the right place but he is so confused about who can really be trusted.

It's hard to know at this point why Ben suddenly snapped and killed Locke after talking him off the ledge. I'm certain his story, to get Locke back in his good grace, will be that he knew John had to die in order to get everyone back to the island so he killed him (probably can't be resurrected if he commits suicide) to help him fulfill his destiny. But, I feel that the true motivation lies in either Eloise Hawking or Jin. His mood drastically changed when John mentioned that Jin was alive so he may have already been thinking that if Locke plans to keep Sun away from the island but he needs them all, then he can't let him deliver that message. I also think that the mention of Ms. Hawking was his final breaking point. Did he reveal her duplicity to Ben and that upset him? I hope we find out more about his relationship to Eloise and how she fits into the Ben/Widmore drama.

I was so upset that they killed off Abaddon before we could learn more of his story but Lost being what it is, I am holding onto hope that more will be told through flashbacks. I've always thought of him as evil but after last night's episode, I don't know anymore.

And finally, I think the woman that ran off with the pilot is Sun. I think she convinced Frank to help her find Jin. That is her only motivation for being on that island so I think that's where she is.

Whew. That's all. :D


Anonymous said...

Oh, in my long ramble I forgot to mention the return of Walt.


Sigh. I love that kid. I loved that scene. I think that scene was so revealing of who John Locke really is and that he truly does have a good heart, it appears that he especially has a soft spot for this boy. He sacrificed his mission just to keep Walt safe and happy and I adore him for that.

Ok, now I really am done. I think. :)


Dave said...

I don't think that Locke could kill himself. Remember that Michael tried and failed because "the island wouldn't let him". The same should hold true for Locke. That is why Ben had to do it.


Hi, April! :) I, too, have always been really intrigued by Locke; he's one of my favorite characters, too.

I have no idea if I'd trust Ben or Widmore. No wonder poor Locke is confused. Both Ben and Widmore seem really bad...and then surprise us with seeming not-so-bad...and then they're bad again.

You're right, Ben did get really weird when he and Locke were talking about Jin and Mrs. Hawking. I wonder what's up with that. What exactly did Locke say that set Ben off? What was the breaking point there?

Great thought about Sun/Lapidus. That's definitely plausible...

And yeah, I thought the scene with Walt was great, too. I think Locke sees a lot of himself in Walt--a really bright guy with a crappy father... What did you think of Walt's dream? Which of the people on the beach want to hurt Locke? I don't trust that Cesar dude...


That's a really interesting theory, Dave. I didn't even remember that little factoid until you just mentioned it!

Which then brings me back to my question of--did Ben do the "bad" thing to work toward the greater good, or did Ben kill Locke because, well, he's just bad?

Robin said...

I figured that Ben wanted Locke dead, but not until after he got Locke to tell him about Hawking. I'm only basing that on Ben's reaction to her name, though, so I could be way off base.

By the by, I'm getting really sick of all these characters named after famous philosophers and scientists. Whether they're significant or not (I'm guessing not), it's just going to confuse kids who are trying to learn about the actual people's work. There are a gazillion names in the world, writers. Pick some other combinations that aren't already noteworthy.

MarieC said...

My biggest problem with this episode was its blatant lack of SAWYER. That's two weeks in a row without any Sawyer-isms. I don't know if I can take it.

I agree with Dave that Locke probably couldn't have killed himself, but don't know why Jin/Eloise set Ben off so suddenly.

And, why isn't Walt one of the people that Locke has to bring back? And does the fact that Kate didn't bring Aaron mean the results will be "unpredictable," as Eloise Hawking warned a few episodes ago?

Magnolia said...

I wish we knew more about Ben, Widmore and their power struggle over the island. It's impossible to tell if one is good and the other evil, if both have good intentions, or if they're both evil!

I definitely think it was the mention of Mrs. Hawking that set Ben off. Maybe he didn't know she was in contact with Widmore??? It's possible that Ben always knew he'd have to kill Locke in order to get everyone back to the island, but I don't think he'd been planning on doing it then. It seemed like a snap decision.


Hey, Robin! :) I, too, have been wondering if they couldn't find any other people to name these characters after. I'm picturing scenarios like this in my head...

Professor: "So, who can tell me about John Locke?"

Student: "Oh, hey, I know that dude! He was crippled and then got healed, and he really liked this Hatch thing, and then he died and came back to life..."

Professor: *headdesk*


Hi, Marie! I'm with ya regarding needing more SAWYER! I miss him...and his shirtlessness, nicknames, and his favorite phrase, "son of a BITCH!", that he says at least once per episode. :)

Yeah, I definitely think that the omissions of Walt and Aaron on that plane will make it so there are unpredictable results. Looks like next week we'll get to see what's goin' down on the island...I can't wait to find out (and to see Sawyer again, of course)!


Hey, Maggie! Yeah, I bet knowing Mrs. Hawking was in contact with Widmore really made Ben angry. I wonder exactly how premeditated Locke's murder was. Did Ben always think he was gonna do it, or was it a "right time, right place" situation (since Locke already had a noose, etc, all conveniently set up), or was he just so ticked about the Jin and/or Mrs. Hawking knowledge that he lost control and just killed him? I'm interested in hearing what Ben has to say about all of know he'll have to explain himself eventually! It might not be the truth, but it will definitely be interesting!

Kati M. said...

I'm very interested to notice that I seem to be the only one that connected Ben's comment about Jack's flight to the end of season 3. That was the episode with the first flash-forward. Jack took a flight back and forth from Sydney, and was completely drunk the whole time. Then, when Jack came back, he found out that "Jeremy Bentham" was dead. That was the flight that Ben was telling Locke about.

Also, I think that having Locke get of the island and end up at the 3 year mark where we've been following everyone was an act of genious. I say this simply because I've been saying to myself all along that they were stupid to bring a 12 year old boy on an island for 100 days assuming he would only age 100 days. Hello! Puberty anyone? Fastforwarding Locke 3 years meant that he could see Walt in all his high-school-aged-ness without it seeming weird.

Also, does anyone else remember Claire asking that Aaron not be brought back if they got him off the island? It was after she disappeared and linked up with Christian.

Phew! I'm done now.


Kati, that's freakin' brilliant! I didn't make that connection (about Jack and Sydney, etc) at all! Thanks so much for explaining. That makes perfect sense now!

And yeah, they were definitely smart to handle the Walt situation in that way. Do you think that was our goodbye to Walt, or will we see more of him eventually? I'm thinking we'll see more of him (mainly because there are some really interesting things about his storyline that I don't believe the writers/producers would just let go), but I have no idea how or where he'd fit into the plot...

MoJoe said...

Paula thinks Kate is preggers with Jack's baby, and that she played the role of Claire on Ajira 316. I just wonder how many times Locke has to be critically injured. Dude is like a crash test dummy.

We geeked out on philosophers in our column this week. It's here:

Ranielle said...

Since all of my observations have been made by others already (Eloise's name set Ben off, the flight that Jack was on resulted in him screaming at Kate, "We have to go back!" in that first flash forward, etc.), I'll just say this:

Widmore says he was the leader of the Others, exiled by Ben. Ben led the others until he chose Locke to take his place.

Who the friggity-fracking hell is Jacob?!? I need to know. Seriously.

Also, note to self: check Red Pen, Inc. on Thursday mornings instead of Thursday evenings. Sigh.


MoJoe, you and Paula wrote another fantastic article! I'm really enjoying reading these pieces from you guys.

Kate possibly being pregnant with Jack's baby? Wow. I never even thought of that... And that's an interesting theory about her playing the role of Claire. (But I still wonder what the hell's going on with Aaron...where did he go while Kate is taking a little trip back to the island? And why won't Kate talk about it?)


Hey, Ranielle! I keep hearing different things about who Jacob is. For a while, I thought Locke was Jacob. But I read somewhere--I think it was in one of the recent Doc Jensen columns in Entertainment Weekly--that JACK might be Jacob. So to answer your question--I have no flippin' idea. But I can't wait to find out! :)