Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cute critters...not-so-cute writing!

These little meerkat pups are so adorable! It's a shame their picture has to hang out next to this awful caption. Odd/run-on sentence structure, omission of a necessary apostrophe, random capitalization of "meerkat" (since when did that become a proper noun?)... Sigh.

The best part, though, is that the caption refers to the carnivore keeper as being "unseen." Oh, really? Then whose hand are we seeing in the picture?


Brian said...

1. Meerkat: An adult Meerkat.

2. meerkat: A baby meerkat.

3. Meer-kat: The least important member of the clan.

4. "MEERKAT": The member of the clan with the best agent.

5. MecKat: A meerkat of Scottish decent.

6. Meekat: A narcissistic member of the clan.

7. MirrorKat: See #6.

8. Meinkat: A meerkat of German decent.

9. Meerkaty: The most difficult member of the clan to get along with.

10. Meercat: A house cat with dissociative identity disorder.


Crikey! I had no idea you were such an animal expert!

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Sometimes there's logic behind capping up the names of species. For example, if I write 'Black Bears' you know I am referring to the species; if I write 'black bears', I may just be referring to some bears that happen to be black.

Doesn't seem to apply in this example, though.


That logic makes sense, JD. But you're right--it doesn't really apply here. Apparently, many rules of writing don't apply in this caption! ;)

EVula said...

I read the "carnivore" adjective as being a description for Bobby-Jo. As a result, I immediately thought that the picture of the pups just before eating them whole.

The fact that one of them is named Zanzibar then made me think of the Tenacious D song "Fuck Her Gently."

...I never claimed that the things in my head made any sense.


@ EVula: If that wicked Bobby-Jo makes meerkat stew out of those poor critters, I am gonna have to have some words with her! (Or maybe I'll just step on her toes a bunch of times with my stilettos. That'll teach her.)

Don't worry, the stuff in my head doesn't always make a whole lot of sense, either. At least you're in good company! :)