Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why the hell would you name your kid something crazy like this, anyway?

MAGGIE found this story about those goobers who named their kid after Adolf Hitler. I wonder if the writer made this little typo by mistake, or if she slyly slipped in that misspelling on purpose (that's the sort of thing I'd probably do if I had to write about a wacko family like this one).

Believe it or not, this isn't even the first time a Hitler-related misspelling has been featured on this blog...

Thanks to MAGGIE for spotting this one!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what about Joyce Lynn Aryan Nation Campbell, his little sister? Anyone saying that Hitler is "just a name" totally lost the rest of their credibility with that little piece of information added to the pot.


Hi, Jeanne! Those parents have some serious issues with names, don't they? Yikes.

The Only Polar Bear on Lost Who Hasnt Been Shot Yet said...

An appropriate caption to that picture would be 'How Parents Ruin The Lives of Their Children Part 1', or maybe instead of that 'People Who Need to Die in a Fire'.


Or maybe "People who need to be chased by Brits throwing fiery spears."

Uh, no, mind's not still on last night's episode of Lost. Not at all...*snicker*.

Brian said...

The Board of Directors called an emergency meeting to determine if they are going to take legal steps for what they see as a slandering and dilution of the company name.

I live in Sacramento about two miles from the factory, and I can tell you, you do not want to mess with The Campbell's Soup company.

There really aren't any dictators who's names go well with Campbell.

Franco Campbell
Stalin Campbell
Mussolini Campbell
Hussein Campbell
Castro Campbell
Jong Il Campbell
Quadaffi Campbell
Pol Pot Campbell

They all kind of suck.


@ Brian: None of those names are very mmm, mmm, good.

Brian said...

I've been snaked before.

But that was just plain beautiful.

Slipped in under the door, ran and hid behind the couch... And BAM!

Right in the face as I walked out of the kitchen with my bowl of chicken noodle.

It stings every time I read it, yet I can't look away.

You are not a woman to be trifled with.


Damn right! ;)

Robert Synnott said...

Not a mistake. Obviously he is named after Mr. Hilter from Mony Python.


I'm embarrassed to say that I've never seen any of the Monty Python movies. Well, I sort of saw the *Holy Grail* one...but that doesn't really count since I was up really late writing the night before, and I fell asleep for most of the movie...