Thursday, January 15, 2009

Potty humor!

These pictures were submitted by my friend PETER, who recently came back from a trip to India. He has some really interesting stories about his travels. One thing I find particularly amusing is that cuss words are much more prevalent over in India than here in America--they have a much larger pool of cuss words over there than we do here. It's also acceptable and entertaining to use the cuss words in public or in polite company, and the cuss words seem to be more explicit than most of the cuss words Americans use. We say "asshole"; they say "sister-fucker." We say "bitch"; they say "grandma-fucker."

Here are some other entertaining things folks in India have said (or, more accurately, written)...on signs:

I think "attach bath" is a very charming Engrish-y type of phrase, don't you? But then there's this...

I really hope that the drinking water isn't coming from exactly the same place as the toilet (ew!). But I suppose it's nice to know that if that is the case, at least they regret the inconvenience!

PETER also brought me a really cool souvenir from India--a carved statue of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of overcoming obstacles and is also the patron god of writers. (If you've been enjoying my posts even more than usual lately, it's because Ganesha's been sitting on my desk, sending good vibes my way as I write and helping me combat my writer's block.) Thanks, PETER, for these photos and for little Ganesha!


Donde Ratliffe said...

Gooodness! That is the hotel of my grandfather Abu-Shamender Mahasapebapetillon! Please to be helping yourselfs to the free samples of Mentadent in the lobby!

Brian said...


I think what they meant to say was:

“Hotel Might Have Attack Bath.
Ask For Very Nice View Of Hot&Cold Golden Shower.
Camel City Is Jeep Safe.”

David said...

That would not be a small inconvenience to schlepp to the first floor for a bucket of water everytime one needs to flush the toilet.

I believe my check-out would be briskly expedited. Your friend Peter seems to be the proverbial intrepid traveler.


@ Donde: Goodness, indeed!


@ Brian: I drive a Civic. I guess I'm SOL over there!


@ David: I have a feeling that bathroom would terrify me so much that I'd be curled up in a ball in the corner, whimpering. Peter is a much braver soul than I am when it comes to traveling!