Monday, January 5, 2009

MISSPELLING MONDAY for January 5, 2009

Usually I don't stoop so low as to swipe shit from message boards and forums (brings to mind the expression "shooting fish in a barrel"), but I found this to be a particularly hilarious example of Idiocy On Online Comment Boards. I found this little gem in the comments section of this article about how Washington's getting ready for the inauguration. This forum poster butchered "administration" and "nasty" and alluded to people making, um, bird noises at other Americans. And who exactly are those beastly folks who will be making bird noises at other Americans? Why, it's those badass Demoncrates, of course!

Hmmm...I've gotta wonder if the "demoncrates" thing was a manifestation of the person really being that effin' stupid or if it's a Freudian slip by a spelling-challenged Republican. What do you think?


Finchstalker said...

I would LOVE to add a hyphen, take it out of that context, and find an excuse to use that in everyday conversation.

"Damnit, this crate just WILL NOT stay shut, no matter what we use to seal it! It's like it's some sort of a DEMON-CRATE!"

"Kids, stop arguing, or else I'll have to put you in the DEMON-CRATE."

"Sorry, the delivery of your order has been delayed. It seems we accidentally tried to ship it in a DEMON-CRATE and it's now lost to the bowels of Hell. We'll send a replacement."

And so on.


Haha! *Love* it! Thanks for making me giggle on a Monday morning, Finchstalker. :)

EVula said...

I'm curious as to the Hollywood antics bit. Are the paparazzi going to catch Obama going commando while getting out of an SUV? Is he going to say "that's hot" to any bill that he doesn't veto?


Hahaha! Maybe they'll catch Obama becoming a Scientologist or going to a Kabbalah center like all the popular Hollywoodites do. Or perhaps they'll see Obama shaving off all the hair on his head and then going on a Cheetos binge...

Brian said...

You know, I do have things to do other than correcting misunderstandings of the bastardidation of the Kings English. (Such as what I just did. Fuck.)

“Nastry” is indeed a real word. Ask anyone in the first row of a Lynyrd Skynyrd show. (I still don't buy the gym teacher story. I'm convinced the decision was heavily influenced by cheep shots of Jack Daniel's.)

I know. I'm going straight to Carrot Top Hell for that one.

Lindsay said...

Has anyone ever sent you a reference to, or their new site,

I believe you would have a few laughs as well as feed your appreciation for correct English very quickly and effectively.

Check it out!


I check out that site frequently, Lindsay--it's awesome! :)